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From the outside looking in I think the Villa fans are a little harsh on poor deadly doug.


For many years he's bank rolled that team and they have, lets be honest, bought some absolute shite.


It seems its only recently that money has become a bit tight and this is in common with numerous teams in the prem.


O'Leary has proved that without billions to spend, then he's fairly limited as a manager and also has a propensity for blaming everybody else for his own failures.


Good news for Villa.

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There is a thing in management theory called "the Peter principal" (I can almost see some students nodding).


This theory is basically is when an individual who excels at one level of their job and is promoted to the level above flounders. They have been promoted to one level above their abilities, and all the courses and seminars will never improve their competance.


I loved O'Leary as a player, I think he is a nice guy, but he is not a Prem quality manager.





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(**whispers**) And er.. we're only a young side and er... the minority of the fans at this club dont understand that and er.. i am a total egit and er...

Is it just me or does David O'Leary whisper everytime hes makin another excuse? I cant stand the feller he did the same at leeds when they were a good side he put it into there minds that if they get beat there is always a way out by saying and er... we're only a young side and er..


prick lol

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If a team as shit as Villa dont want Hendrie then why should we? Barry is a much better option, he can play on the left of midfield or at left back, hes alot like Neville as he is vesatile


I think hes a good player and scored a few good goals last season, i dnt think he would be 1st 11 for us but i would have him

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