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Top story on Bleacher Report

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Bleacher Report is an American sports site. Went on tonight and this was the lead story, not just in the soccer section, but the entire site. Was pretty awesome to see that.

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What I liked to see is that Everton were the EPL club of choice on the left hand side when voting.


Arsenal: 18.2%

Chelsea: 12.9%

Everton: 25.4%

Liverpool: 11.4%

Manchester United: 15.5%

Manchester City: 5.5%

Tottenham: 6.6%

Other: 4.5%


Total votes: 6,688.


Ok so not that many votes but Everton are still top. Howard with his WC antics! :)

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Decent read, not sure if I agree with the comparison to the NY Mets; someone here on this forum made a better analogy with the Oakland A's; Everton find young talent, or take old talent and make it better, then sell off the talent. But analogies are American sports writer's favorite "go-to" heuristic device when writing about soccer...they sound clever at first but are generally useless.


The comment section on that thread is atrocious.

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The Mets? Terrible. No one likes the Mets, even Mets fans.


My dad brought me home a Mets jacket from a business trip to the US in about 1970 so I loved them! No idea who they were or what they did but I loved the jacket (it was blue and shiny) so that didn't matter :lol:.

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Without even seeing that jacket, I know exactly what that jacket looks like. I'm not a Mets fan and I don't necessarily dislike them. But from afar, it's pretty bleak being a Mets fan. Well, at least since '86.


I'm an Astros fan, so I HATED the 86 Mets..still do!


Please, no Mets analogies!!

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