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Thomas Heurtaux

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The 26-year-old Frenchman, who has also been linked with Watford, has impressed as one of the most consistent defenders in Serie A in recent years, and reports in Italy now claim he could be set for a move to the Premier League.

Heurtaux moved to Italy in 2012 from French outfit Caen, he's made 84 appearances for Udinese in that time, scoring five goals.

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You watch, we'll buy him and there will be some weird clause about him being unable to play Watford since they are owned by the same people as Udinese!

If we buy him he'll be ours and be able to play anyone. Clauses like that don't exist unless it's a loan.

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Uh oh! The last time we did business with Udinese for the next great never heard of before central defender we ended up with....

He would've been a star here if he hadn't slept with Moyes and Kenwrights missuses (the only explanation for his tenure here).

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This chap is usually a pretty reliable Italian source.


He is a joke. A swedish newspaper did a check on him a couple of years back and apparently he only got 3% right of his transfer predictions.

Now it is called a "Tancredi" when you hear a stupid rumour (such as Ibra to man u)


Oh and he hates Sweden. Lol, keeps saying that Sweden fixes matches to knock out Italy. (Last time it was the u21 euros when sweden played 2-2 against Portugal. Sweden and Portugal went through on that result. He mentions nothing about Sweden beating the Italians.


The time before was when Sweden and Denmark played a 1-1 game to knock out Italy in the euros a few years ago.

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