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Aleksander Askilsrud


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It's great that we are looking to sign young talent but we need players now for the first team.


Disagree with you. We need a strategy to move up the table and stay there. Doing the same as every other club won't cut it. The youth we're bringing in right now are a major step up from the youth of even a couple of years ago. What does this mean? Hovering between 7th and 10th for a couple more years and then pushing our way up to the top four. I absolutely believe in this strategy. It will work, but it will require patience. Most clubs don't have that and scream for the manager's head when the here and now isn't spectacular. Can we dare to be different?

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oh so you don't want any more first team signings ?


I didn't say that, and every indication is that there will be. I have no problem at all, though, if we spend more than most other clubs on bringing in some of the world's most talented youngsters. We've been beating out other teams in that area recently, including ManU for this Norwegian guy.

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This is a fake story if I understand Norwegian at all: http://www.fvn.no/100Sport/fotball/england/Falsk-Twitter-konto-startet-rykteflom-om-fotballtalentet-Aleksander-15-577330_1.snd


This "Daniel Lambert", supposedly his agent, doesn't even exist. It was actually a made up Twitter account by his schoolmate. Aleksanders mother and Valerenga's youth development chief also deny the whole thing.


So bravo to Metro for believing a fake Twitter account.

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