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Hello all


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Evening all, new to this site hope to contribute (meaningfully!).


A blue all my life, all the way back to the days of big Bob Latchford, sadly mostly remotely for various reasons. However, I bought me an my lad season tickets this season, will probably only be able to make 50% of the games. I bought it because fed up of never any tickets being available, roll on new stadium.


I have an early question re the season tickets, my lad can't go to one of the games so I was thinking of taking a mate. My lad's ticket is classed as a Junior U18, what's the deal with an adult using that ST? Do they check these things somehow?



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You wouldn't get away with being a junior even in your grey flannel shorts and long socks.


Welcome Macca good to have you on board.

I feel slightly queasy all of a sudden.


Welcome Macca enjoy your stay in the forum meet the gang and help yourself to one of Matt's beers. (It tastes like horse piss but he doesn't seem to care.)

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