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Everton V West Brom


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No need to state...but simply a "MUST" Get Away "THREE" Pt's insnt It?


Whatever the ambition...These are simply the teams we have to beat.


No Bombshells their other than surely we must fancy our selves to not only kick the remaining dust of the Pre Season Blues & finely start to tune the Goal scoring Machine.


No excuses, bar a cple. Most of the players have had a decentish break...


Would perhaps have done Beattie no harm after a few run's on the trot..


Deffo would have not harmed Duncan, whilst the spell may again have helped our new Dutch hope's progress, as well as giving a few others a nice rest .


We have probably come out of this Int week a lot better than others..& the supporters emplore a resurgent & again Lifted performance.

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Well, the last 2 games i forcast comfortable 2-0 wins and they should have been, tho they only ended up as dodgy 1-nils.

This time i'm going for another comfortable 2-0, and this time i think it will be.

Maybe even 3-0. with Duncan and Cahill getting on the scoreshheet, and maybe another from Beattie.

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A dodgy 1-0 for me , we really should be looking to go out and get at the Baggies though because of all our away games this year this should be one of the easier ones .


BT to bag again and continue to repay the faith alot of us have shown in the big boobed one . :D

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"Mighty Blues"........since when exactly? 1987 perhaps yeah?  :angry:



And on one of your other posts you were pulling a face about why you should be banned.


You make no meaningful posts - you are a major bore with your comments and an bit of an irritation, (a bit like piles) So get a life, and either make meaningful arguments and contributions to the forum or don't bother.


I have never been on a RS chat forum, as I am totally uninterested in what goes on across the park. As you a closet blue, posting on a Everton site?

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Game we have to win to put a bit of difference between ourselves and the bottom 3.


Agree with most that the rest will do us good (players like Dunc, Beattie and VDM)


Think Cahill might be rested.



Hibbo, Weir, Yobo, Valente/Ferrari (if neither fit then Neville)

Arteta, Davies, Neville (Osman if Neville at left back), VDM

Beattie, Ferguson.


Subs: Depends on who starts with being fit. Wright, Koldrup, Cahill. Bent and either one of the left backs if fit or if start then Osman. If neither then McFadden

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And on one of your other posts you were pulling a face about why you should be banned.


My comment was in no way abusive or insulting...just light hearted banter, if that is deemed as a banning offense - then you really do your club and supporters in general no favours whatsoever and need to get out of this over the top/not allowed to say a word out of place/seige mentality that you have within your club.

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LFC been winning the premiership since 1992.


Were on earth did i say that exactly? :)

I tell you something bluenoses, all this bitterness is now making you see things that are not there...possibly the same bitterness that make you all think that Everton are somehow still a big and successful club :)

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"Mighty Blues"........since when exactly? 1987 perhaps yeah?  :rolleyes:


What's going on here Kato? I can't understand for one second why you would want to come onto an Everton forum and just try to wind people up, surely you can find something more contrusctive to do with your time, i remember commments like this from liverpoool fans when i was like 14 years old. Grow up.


Other liveproool fans have been on here and posted sensibly and they are treated sensibly but you do nothing but provoke your just going to get stick ..... or be ignored.


As for the game i see a healthy Everton win. The Albion have quite a few of their better players out (including Campbell as far as i know and we all know how players tend to come back and haunt you) and we've got quite a few of better players either back, on their way to full fitness or hitting form (come on Beattie lad!!!!). dare i say 2-0 to the blues?

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droobie no excuses.


once again i'm embaressed.


i played local "business league" football today and we all passed better than Everton.


yes we gave the penalty shouldn't have been, but as the commentators said nevilles hand ball could well have been a penalty.


yes the goalkeeper should have been sent off but we were already losing at that point and I really don't think the way we were playing we would have punished 10 players. also their 3rd choice keeper couldn't possibly be any worse than the fool they had in goal.


Martyn and the defence, despite our 4-0 defeat all played well.


the midfield was shocking. Davies, i'm begining to wonder why we bought him and what all the hype around him a few years ago was. he looks quite honestly rubbish. kilbane as well, our change of form with vdm on right and arteta in the middle with poor poor kilbane on left didn't work at all. osman would have been better in the middle with the areta and vdm playing how they have been.


vdm still doesn't look fully fit.


beattie was appaling, no excuses, he's yet to prove himself and should have done better.


i know arteta and vdm weren't playing great but by taking both of them off moyes pretty much removed both players that have the ability to cross the ball for us and the ability to turn a game with a move. by taking them off the 6 attacking players he left were poor at best.


bent worked hard but as the commentator pointed out when bent failed to control the ball that could have put him through "couldn't do a simple thing like control a football".



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rite ive stayed away in protest to the lack of moderating on here, hoping somethin would get done, it hasnt but i need to ask...




im usually one of the more optimistic posters but shite!! i didnt see the game as i was out so i cannot comment on the way the match was played but regardless to refs decisions 4-0 is a big nasty defeat!!!!


get it sorted Everton :angry:

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Guest fozzie22
Disgraceful , DM trys tinkering and we get turned over .


What a bollox game and goes to show we're not out of the woods yet .  :huh:

Not out of the woods by a long way mate..


Ive said it before but how much longer is BT going to take the piss?,he looked fat and unganely to say the least,ask yourself this,would chelsea,the mancs,the arse put up with this?no is the simple answer.


He's been here nigh on a year now and still the old excuses are rolled out.."he'll be better when he's fit"..FFS if he's not fit by now he never will be..we where robbed by paying 6 mill for the fat fucker,simple as that.


Weir......enough said.


Big nige..time catching up on him?


Yobo..still unconviced by him.


Yes the ref was dreadful,but come on thats no excuse at all,we were shit last night,the players were an embarrasment to themsleves,the club and fuck it,the most important people of all US the fans....


If they had any shred of decency they would make a donation of thier wages to a local charity,and then turn in for extra training and then go and watch a few sunday league games,maybe then they'll realise how frigging lucky they are. :angry:

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