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Purely Hypothetical Question...


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Ok, picture the scene. Ferguson's had enough of Rooney's attitude, sick and tired of refs sending him off for no reason and leaving ManYoo with 10 men all the time. Stretford's bugging Glazer and Sir Alex too often and they decide to offload him. At the same time, we've just finished a successful season and for the 2nd season out of three, qualified for the Champions League qualifiers. Some yank decides to buy us, and we've got 50 mil to spend.


Moyes buys Rooney.


How do you feel? Welcome him back with open arms? Scream bloody murder?!?


Opinions.... :rolleyes:

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Dont want him back, he's a man who thinks only of himself, he would ruin the Dressing room, and to go one further, i dont think Moysey would contemplate bringing him back either.

We could get three or four good players for the same price, who would serve us a lot better.

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i would never let him forget his treachery. ok the club has shot forward but its the principal!


though imagine if he pulled out his once a blue always a blue shirt, there'd be a riot!



well, Randomness, in my hypothetical situation he's only gone and done that....WHAT DO YOU DO?!?!?!? :lol:

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Hypothetically if i was appointed manager of Everton, hypothetically of course, and hypothetically we where offered Rooney I would tell them to shove him up his own arse, which wouldnt be too hard cos hes nearly all the way up all ready.


Things hes bigger than everyone, wouldnt want him at our club, not the right attitude.

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Cant see Moyes & Rooney ever working together again 2 be honest.


But of course & hypothgeticaly we would be a CL semi final Regular by then & Everton manager Fabio Cappello could well use a player like Rooney to add some further depth to his star studded squad.

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