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This Barton Thing


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Does anyone else think that it's PCism gone mad? I mean if he had made some kind of "F*** off" gesture or something for that I could see a reason for complaints but bearing his arse for 2 seconds who cares? If I had a child and I took then to the game I wouldn't be particularly bothered everyone has an arse and I mean it's not like he got his wang out. From what I understand he got a lot of stick about his brother who deserves everything he got and Joey isnt the same person as his brother and I don't think he overreacted. Football has just become too PC now imho e.g whenever there is a streaker the cameras will pan away and the commentator will launch into some rehearsed speech about idiots ruining the game rather than laughing it off. I think football has enough bad things such as racism diving cynical challenges and corruption to worry about before we complain about Joey Barton's ass, and to those people who saw fit to make a complaint to the police after the game fair enough it was a bit immature but don't you have anything better to do with your time?

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I agree, sore it properly on MOTD this morning, if it was that offensive they wouuldnt have shown it


Hed took stick all game and he was waving at the park end having a laugh as if to say "Ha we got a draw"


It was stupid, but so is he.


Lets just forget about it, why take it any further


Cheeky get (que a lot of arse gags and puns)

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:lol: its all me arse this  :lol:   :lol:   ;)




Hahahahaha :lol:


At the end of the day i'am all for a bit of terrace/player banter and if that means showin your ar5e the so be it .


Had we managed to win it 1-0 would the same to55ers be makin a complaint , methinks not . :angry:

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Correct, nothing wrong with a bit of banter, I hate the horrible little fucker but this is a sad case of PC.




I hate the little shit too. When he came down the glady to take a corner he was blowing kisses to all the fans and one fella nearly got on an smacked him one - now that would be worth a headline - instead of his little hairy ar5e that looked like it could do with a good scrub - scruffy ba5tard!! Gotta love the banter from the glady :lol:

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Has football lost it's humour completely?. Anything comes out of this and it it is a sad day for having a laugh and a bit of banter.


I don't understand what the hole fuss is over, he might end up getting a bum deal, cheeky get.





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Too many people need to lighten up , i mean iam not a fan of the male ar5e but at least he was havin a laugh whilst showin it .


Once again had we won 1-0 would there be so many people up in arms ?????


Think Barton is a tw@t but fair play to the kid . :P

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But.......... (& I do agree that it was a harmless nothing) the precedent has been set by the fukwits in suits whom inisist on sanitizing anyhting that has a sniff of personality or out there about it.


Sadly in the days when a player can be suspended for lifting/removing his shirt ( i.e Chaill)...Then I believe those that be will no doubt Tan Joey's lil ass showin gesture.


And @ least slap a fine or a ban on him.


Not saying it's right...Just likely.

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i dont see the problem my self, he took stick all game, he gave a bit back, fair play to him for taking it lightly. i have more respect for the players like barton and fowler who give it back when we give it to them. but anyone who makes a complaint about the lad showin his arse, come on its only an arse! we've all got one, and im sure we've all showed it off once in a while :lol:

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