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Sheffield U. And We Really Need A Convincing Win.


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JAVA......""they havent even scored away this season so it should be one of the easier matches"".




Wish you had'nt said that.

How often have we thought that, and been brought down to earth. The Everton rollercoaster has ways of kicking you in the teeth, and this is one of those games that could make the Sunday Headlines.


Not won away.....not even scored away, whats the chances of an Unsworth Penalty in the first half to set all our Nerves on edge.


I'm Going for a 2-1 WIN with the scorers being someone else for a change Maybe Arteta and Osman.

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We should be buttfecking this sort of team, and if we have any aspirations of a top six place this is the time to do it



When was the last time we gave a team a buttfucking? Not hwere we hammered them goalwise but had total control of the game. You cant count the Liverpool game because to be fair they had alot of the ball and we didnt totally dominate them

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From the Official site's match report:


"David Moyes was deprived of Tony Hibbert, Gary Naysmith, Alessandro Pistone, Nuno Valente, Andy van der Meyde and Richard Wright because of injury but those setbacks did not prevent his Everton side starting the game in the right manner,"


So hmm Hibbert and Valente basically, they love making it sound as if we had some major injury crisis.

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Don't know anything about the game as had to take the missus shopping today.


didn't conceed which is good and the other good thing is that AJ and Cahill was not on the score sheet ( by that I mean its good that other people scored wouldn't have minded 5 nil with Cahill and AJ scoring)

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it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO boring in the 2nd half we never go out of neutral, never mind 2nd gear.



Spot on. The first half was good, but the second half was so bad. You would have thought we were the side that were down to 10 men because we just hoofed the ball away at every opportunity. However, a win is a win.

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A win is a win but second half was poor.


First half I thought we played reasonably well, far too many big wacks up the field by Weir but there was some nice passes put together.


First goal all credit has to go to Phil Neville. The ball to him from Mikky was poor to be honest but he managed to deliver a quality ball in. I thought it as Cahill who scored it at first, jumped like him and then started his celebration in the same fashion!!


Second goal was superb football, Weir's pass without looking (he ment it, im sure :lol: ), then that ball from Mikky, quality! What ever way you look at it, its a penalty. Andy came across the defenders path and the lad got a hold of him. (Incedently I would have prefared the defender to have stayed on...awful!) Good penalty by Beattie, liked his bow to our end, needs to produce alot more than a bow though to become a favourite...


I thought we could have got 3 or 4 just in the first half...Sheffield where poor, very poor. I think if Johnson would have took that chance at the end we would have got another 3 after the break. It wasnt to be and the second half was terrible.


Can only remember two chances the second half, one from Anchibe and a header from Mcfly. We just sat back and let them get at us. I don't know whether this was to save energy for the cup, foot on the pedal or just a bad attitude once we had the cushion but it just wasnt good enough.


But 3 points in the bag and no injuries I dont think (Cahill and Beattie Ok?)


Davies played quite well, hopefully there is more to come from the lad.

Vic should play in the Cup, I think hes going to be a quality player, was unlucky not to score.

Man of the match for me was Lescott, superb still even when playing in a position that is clearly not his own.


Now lets twat Luton :D

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Yeah i saw the push but i think it was clearing him anyway, it even cleared Aj after the push glad to see Arteta get in the box after he gave Neville the pass.


Yeah i would make a few changes against Luton, but not too many cos they are on a good run of 8 undefeated. Would play Ian Turner, Paddy Boyle, and big Victor with McFaddy up front.


Lescott had a very good game but would like to see him back in the middle, Howard made a couple of great close range Saves, and all had a good first half.

But what transpired in the 2nd half against 10 men was unexceptable. This is how we lost points against Wigan and Man city with very late goals. Will they ever learn, they should have gone for them like a pack of Bull Terriers, It was a golden opportunity to do our goal diff the world of good and should hould have been 4-0 at least.

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