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Rugby World Cup

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1 hour ago, Formby said:

Anyone else excited? Really looking forward to it. Les Bleus are my pick. Would like any northern hemisphere team to win, though. 

I'll be watching but I'm not overly excited by it, best that England can do is avoid total humiliation.

Not bothered north/south myself, want to see some decent games and the best (hopefully expansive) team winning.

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4 hours ago, Formby said:

Yes, @Cornish Steve scored a couple of tries for the home team, then was sinbinned for foul and abusive anti-English sentiment after Bath were awarded a penalty. Pirates ended up losing. 

I simply uttered "a teffes dhymm nebes nes, my a bylsa dha benn blogh." It didn't warrant the sin bin. :(

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39 minutes ago, MikeO said:

Is that the translation or a threat?

It's the actual translation. :) (Note, as in Welsh, some letters mutate: hence 'benn' and not 'penn'.)






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7 hours ago, MikeO said:

Great game tonight, though I think Wales were a bit fortuitous with some of the officiating.

Edit: Looking at post game reaction I seem to be understating that!

You know what I found very unsavoury and disappointing was the time wasting tactics used by the Welsh as a team, I’ve never witnessed it to the extent of last night before even though it obviously goes on Wales were at it from the seventieth minute and it was so blatant. For me the ref wasn’t strong enough with only stopping the clock once although you could see that he was indicating that he new what was going on. But what a game that was and such a shame for Fiji that the final pass was put down, completely exhilarating game bar the time wasting. 

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44 minutes ago, MikeO said:

Unfortunately I think even if they'd got the try the chances of a touchline conversion were slim, their goal kicker wasn't great; I was hoping for a try but thinking it needed to be under the posts.

Probably right Mike it would have been tight angle for the conversion. 

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