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Everton V Fulham


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Another away day, and the chance to put to bed another dodgy away ground record


Fulham are doing quite well atm, but again, if we have any aspirations we need to pick up points here, even a win


I predict 2-1 to us, with AJ getting on the scoring trail again

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If we can hold arsenal to a draw then I am sure the team will think they could definately pick up some points from this game.


If we really are to be considered a top 6 side these are the places you need to get a least a draw and even pick up the odd win.


I think the team should be confident to go looking for a positive result, but I am sure Fulham will also fancy themselves to pick up a point or three.


As said Fulham are a little hot and cold - lets hope they are not in any form on Saturday. Could go either way, but I think we have more quality in general.


I am going for 1:1

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I have a bad feeling about this game. This is the sort of game that all the pundits predict us to win and we end up losing. Just like the Arse last week the only vote we got was 1 out of 10 saying a draw.


A lot will depend on if players that been ill are fit. Will Valente be back and fit enough?


My heart says 3 v 0 win with AJ 2 and Ossie 1 however my head tells me a 2 v 1 lose

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