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Dowie Sacked!

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Dowie sacked eh, didn't see that one coming :D . At least he has his modeling career to fall back on.


I think the clock must be seriously ticking for Roeder, until he gets the dreaded vote of confidence off Fat Freddy.


I love watching these buggers up here squirm. :lol:





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Or maybe Newell and Jordan could be the favoured link up.


Newell has a meeting coming up to explain himself to the Board after being highly critical of the female officials, and also slagging the chairman off at Luton for taking the Club Backwards. He was also instrumental in the FA having to look into the dealings by football agents in any Transfers.


Of course Jordan didnt sign Cahill because he told the Agent to Fook off, and wouldnt pay the agents Fee.

Sounds like they could be made for each other, Cos Taylor isnt looking too healthy in his job at Palace.

Could be a managerial roundabout in the immediate future.



PS............If they didnt go through with the deal because of the Agents money, does that mean WE paid it to sign him. ???? Thats probably one Deal that could come under investigation. Just a thought.

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Charlton are worse than us in the goalscoring dept, Bent with 9 and Hasselbank with 3 are their only goalscorers, no other player at the club has scored a goal yet. :blink: Thats Shit.


Thats what can happen when you rely too much on your goalscorer.


9 goals for a team bottom of the league!!!


we really should try and get him

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i dont see the problem. im bored of all our non scoring strikers over the last decade, little fellas with pace who cant hit a barn door, big fellas who are strong but other than that pretty wastefull and give the easy option of the long ball . then some mixtures of the two.


bent is 5'11" so hes no little fella, he has pace to burn and scores alot of goals (9 in 13 for the bottom of the league club!)


AJ is only 5'7" so it would still be a "little and large" combo for those who prefere it that way. i see the similarities that they both score goals and have pace. but sorry lads, i dont see a down side to having two forwards with pace who score goals

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Everytime Ive seen him play and that includes for England hes looked average at best.


Confused here..."General Football" has moved to "off topic", couldn't find the thread!


Anyhow have to say that I've never looked at Bent and thought "Shit, he's good" like I did with AJ but he's scored 24 (or 25..stats vary) in 48 prem games for Charlton, so he must have something going for him. I'm with Licker...we need as many proven scorers as poss.

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