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First Blues Result


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Here's an interesting one (I think so anyway), what was the blues first result after you were born? Mine was a 4-0 win over Blackpool on 15th April 1960 when I was a day old. Vernon (2), Harris and Collins got the goals. It was a Friday game (must have been Easter I think) and amazingly they played Leicester away the following day and got a 3-3 draw...imagine asking teams to play on consecutive days now :lol: .


Stats from this site...


>>>Everton stats Archive<<<

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We finsihed League Division One: 5th place. & F.A. Cup: Runners-up.


However on the 22nd of March that Season we lost 0-1 to Nottingham forest.


The 2 Manc sides finished 1 & 2 in the League - & we lost in the Cup final to a side we had once famously rallied against to overcome a half time deficit. Sadly on this ocassion we went down 1-0.

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The day after i was born we lost 0-3 to Grimsby. :blink: But we were already champions, and kept the title for 6 years until football resumed after the War. :D

Tommy Lawton was leading scorer with 38 goals in 43 League and Cup games.

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Born on the 25th of June 1980 so had to wait until the opening day of the 80-81 season for my result which was a 3-1 loss to Sunderland .


Had a bit of a sh!te year and finished a dismal 15th on an even more dismal total of 36 points .


Lost in an F.A cup semi final replay to Man City 3-1 after a 2-2 draw and went out of the league cup at the unlikely hands of WBA .


Peter Eastoe finished top scorer with 19 goals .


Fookin sh!t season all round , story of my life eh :P

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What ever happened to this European giant :(


Amazing story that was. Remember so well the first game of the 77/78 season...home to Forest. They'd come with a late run in the second division at the end of the previous season and just nicked the final promotion place, so thought it would be a nice easy win on the opening day. They stuffed us 3-1, went on to win the title and then the European Cup for the following two seasons...unbelievable. No money to speak of either...say what you like about Clough..he had something!

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