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The Wigan Test


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Stevo said................." and we cant take games by the scruff of the neck,"





We are missing Hibbo, its taken Pip out of Midfield and we are so missing his Drive and organisation, he's the only one in the team with those leadership Qualities. imo. ;)

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Results went nicely for us today....Pompey, Spurs and Bolton only got one point between them...and they're the teams we've got to look at finishing above. Three points would be priceless and if we turn up in any sort of form at all we'll get them. Don't care how (have I mentioned before that I fucking hate Saturdays when we're playing Sunday :angry: ).

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Its fucking shite to watch this. There is no thought in our play whatsoever, we hoof the ball up aimlessly (often our players arent even where the defenders are kicking it) and the ball is coming straight back at us. Wigan play the long ball because it works for them, it doesnt for us, so why do we insist on playing it, where is the intelligence in that? The defence is a shambles against Heskey and Mculloch, we're being bullied out of every ball and then we arent winning the second ball. Carsley is wandering around like a headless chicken giving fouls away, as are Cahill and Osman. Johnson is non-existent because he's got fuck all to work with.



Get Cahill off bring Anichebe on.



If I was a neutral I'd have turned off after 15mins.

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