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Lack Of New Players

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Hello everybody, i'm new to the site so go easy please, but is it just me or does anyone else find it hard to believe that Moyes can't find suitable players in the whole of world football to bring to the club for a decent price. if not then you have to seriously question the clubs scouting methods and the managers overall knowledge of the transfer market and the world game.Other managers/clubs seem to find players why can't we.Is the managers relativley unknown profile having a negative effect, he does come across as a dour character at times.I noticed Lauren has signed for Pompy and Villa and Watford have agreed a price for Young, a number of the players we have been linked with have signed for other clubs this is not good and needs sorting.

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Welcome to TT. I doubt you will find anyone on here who disagrees with you, two years ago BK came out and said that the reason we dont sign players in the January window is because players are more expensive and if we do sign a player in the window it will be in the last week of January to avoid paying as much wages as possible. So I wouldn't get too worked up about lack of signings just yet, come the 31st and we've still signed anyone you should be worried.. we usually all are it's almost become tradition that everyone is on here at midnight awaiting to see if we've signed anyone!.


As for the scouting network.. I heard a rumour that it was severely downsized as it was costing too much to run. I don't know if it's true or not but if it is it's an upsetting affair.


I couldn't see Lauren being a decent signing for us to be fair, he's injury prone and is 30 now. We need to be building for the future. As for Ashley Young, I fear we were priced out of the market for him, in my opinion he is still unproven but has potential, he is not worth £8m. I think the reason he is valued that highly is because he is young, english and based near London.

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i think lauren would have been a good loan signing to help cover at RB.


the whole barton thing pissed me off.

respecting city not wanting to sell him, ok be respectful, but if you want a player and they have to accept £5.5m then you just make the bid and let the player sort himself out.


the guy who sits next to me tells me every week that Everton are too nice!

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...I am a little more satisfied now with the encouraging remarks Moyes made to Radio City post match today. He said something along the lines of "we will be having dealings in the transfer market this week". Surely, this does not mean we will be selling somebody else, we can not afford to sell, we need to buy!



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