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Everton Fans To Protest?!


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It says in the paper this morning that on Saturday Everton fans will be making a protest outside Goodison park over the lack of funding towards the development of the squad and the club.


Does anyone know anything else about this? I moved away from Liverpool a fair few years ago so am out of the loop when it comes to things like this.

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I here 3 blokes, 1 of their Nan's & a dog will be protesting today.


So it's Some Evertonians with no life that may protest - Rather than the sensational tagline of EVERTON FAN"S 2 PROTEST.


I hate it when these little splinter cells ( whatever my pers take on the angle agree with or not etc) get headlines & apaprently represent us all.


I have some amssive issues regarding the current regime however, these spilnter cells do not & I state firmly represent my self. ( or I would dare say @ least 80% of this board)

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A GROUP of Everton fans are planning to protest against Bill Kenwright’s failure to attract investment to the club.


The protest, which fans say will be peaceful, will be staged at Everton’s televised tea-time match at Watford tomorrow.


The Everton Independent Supporters Club are behind the protest and a spokesman said: “We feel that doors are being closed on anyone who tries to invest in Everton.


“Clubs like Manchester City, Portsmouth and Aston Villa are all able to attract investment, yet we seem to be left behind.”


Everton chairman Kenwright has consistently declared he would step aside if any investors showed interest in the club and has tried strenuously to attract investment


Ian MacDonald, chairman of the Everton Independent Supporters Club, added:



“We are fed up of just treading water in the Premiership and Bill thinks it is acceptable to only survive.



“When you see the money pouring into the Premiership, Evertonians can’t understand why none of it is ending up at Everton.”




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All power to them. Pat, some of them may be 'grumpy old men' but perhaps like me they remember a team that used to play some exciting football. Some of us have accepted for far too long the crap football we are served up week after week after week...!

The problem is there is obviously a close relationship between Kenwright and Moyes and nothing is going to change soon.

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Will have to agree to disagree on this 1 Londy As a near grumpy old man myself (38) I understand your sentiment.


They have all right to complain & protest as such. Just not on the majority's behalf without consulting them.


I dont think we can blame Kenwright for the crap football either. That buck stops with the gaffer.


1 concern I have is when Sugar daddys 1st arrived, eyes brows were raised around the league, now like many we want to sell our Asses to the 1st Moolah with cash that comes along & this group are demanding it.


After thought: Might have to join this ' Independant Pimp EFC"s assses supporters doomsday Cult" & stir some shiote :) .

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I've got to say im with you on this pat and I just can help thinking that there is a big mushroom cloud errupting sooner or later when the arse fall out of the prem, everything runs in cycles, and as much as im a bit pissed with moyeses prudence (forced or not) I sort of admire his slow and steady attitude of buying players with a future, ok, there are hits and misses, im not going into that now



Lets be realistic, we need a mega rich investor to move to the next level, all this so called investment, is, in reality, just a change of ownership, the only real mega money was Abramovich


The long ond short of it is I seen all our success in the 80's and you could still walk in to most games, I also been ther in our 90 nightmare and miricale of staying up, and David moyes has given me more highs and lows that the prevous 10 years all in.



EDIT : One thing I forgot to say though was "Why have we not heard anything from him about all this investment situation? At least this protest may provoke that, keeping quite does nothing"

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