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  1. Pickford Coleman Keane Jagielka Baines Schneiderlin Gana Sigurdson Rooney Sandro DCL
  2. £25m... goes to show how distorted the market really is at the moment!
  3. Ha ha... Welcome to my world. These conversations have been going on in schools up and down the country for the last 2/3 yrs, since the government made the announcement on the changes.
  4. Ha ha... so everyone is interested except the clubs that he wants to play for.
  5. Would've took a draw before the game started but having led for so long, and then for their goal to come from a cock up is so disappointing. Ref was always going to find another red after the poor decision to send Walker in the first half. Had a shocker!
  6. Me and my lad have had a few issues traveling up. Think we missed the first 15 minutes of the Friday night Palace game last season. Now if/when we make it up we tend to stop at my mums the night before.
  7. Stoke looking at a loan for Jese. Was quality a few years ago, and a move might just reignite his career. Fits the centre forward/winger role that we're apparently looking at.
  8. Just saw this, and very impressed. Atlanta Falcons new stadium... wow!
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