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  1. Hoof_It_Nev

    AFC Bournemouth (Away) Saturday August 25th

    Jesus Christ
  2. Hoof_It_Nev

    AFC Bournemouth (Away) Saturday August 25th

  3. Hoof_It_Nev

    Man of the Match v Southampton

    80/1 at some bookies if you're a betting man. Worth a fiver I'd say.
  4. Hoof_It_Nev

    Southampton (Home) Saturday August 18th

    Bit of a strange bench
  5. Hoof_It_Nev

    Kevin Mirallas

    He did, he's here til June 2020, so maybe a small fee at the end of the loan if he impresses. http://www.evertonfc.com/news/2017/05/12/mirallas-signs-new-contract
  6. Hoof_It_Nev

    Yerry Mina

    Seems to be all over Twitter - could just be a rumour that's snowballed though.
  7. Hoof_It_Nev


    He was playing for arsenal for most of it to be fair
  8. Hoof_It_Nev

    ATV Irdning (Pre-Season - Game 1)

    Reminds me of the boxing scene in Mighty Boosh, to gain some self confidence 😄
  9. Hoof_It_Nev

    Davy Klaassen

    I don't really know much about Klaassen's character, but if a player is brought in as a first team player, isn'tt played much, then loaned back out again, I can't see them having much desire or loyalty to come back. Shame really. Ajax captain, glowing reports, great stats, I can't help but feel we'd be letting a great player go.
  10. Hoof_It_Nev

    Jordan Pickford

    Actually something to look forward to in England matches then. Fingers crossed he doesn't have any blunders, England fans and the media can be savage.
  11. Hoof_It_Nev

    Ashley Williams

    Broken ribs and punctured his lung which led to it collapsing. Get well soon Ashley!
  12. Hoof_It_Nev

    West Ham (Away) Sunday May 13th

    Haha Tottenham 5-4 what a match
  13. Hoof_It_Nev

    West Ham (Away) Sunday May 13th

    Leicester 4-4
  14. Hoof_It_Nev

    Southampton (Home) Saturday May 5th

    Not sure why the pundits are complaining about the extra time given, they had a player on the floor for a minute or two in stoppage time. I was expecting an extra 90 seconds or so.
  15. Hoof_It_Nev

    Burnley (Away) Saturday March 3rd

    Probably in the minority here, but the Williams red seemed a bit harsh to me? The bloke had his hand on Williams' face so he pushed him away. There wasn't an impact that I could see, I guess he was just a bit too strong.