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  1. Hoof_It_Nev

    Brighton (Away) Saturday December 29th

    The amount of mis-hits today is staggering
  2. Hoof_It_Nev

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    Yeah I couldn't see anything. Squared up with Delph I guess, nothing in it really
  3. Hoof_It_Nev

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    Lookman looking sharp
  4. Hoof_It_Nev

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    Regroup and keep possession until HT
  5. Hoof_It_Nev

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    Should have headed Charly...
  6. Hoof_It_Nev

    Manchester City (Away) Saturday December 15th

    We're 14/1 to win this at some bookies 😴
  7. Hoof_It_Nev

    Newcastle (Home) Wednesday December 5th

    Gueye haha, how can a professional footballer always be so wide of the mark when having a shot?
  8. Hoof_It_Nev

    Seamus Coleman

    It's just a bread roll isn'tt it? Crazy northerners
  9. Hoof_It_Nev

    Chelsea (Away) Sunday November 11th

    I could only listen to the match today due to work but I just watched motd and it seemed all Chelsea. Was that just bias from BBC or was it more even that they showed? Barely showed any of our chances
  10. Hoof_It_Nev

    Seamus Coleman

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46107472 Fair play, but although there's obviously rivalry between the two clubs, I doubt anyone would give him stick for donating to a Liverpool fan.
  11. Hoof_It_Nev

    Aaron Ramsey

    15M sign on fee, Jesus. Free transfers aren't really that free these days are they 😁
  12. Hoof_It_Nev

    Samir Nasri

    Coming out and saying there's no interest on the day of the rumour hitting the papers. This club seems to be running very differently to previous regimes. I think this is Brands' work, he seems very no-nonsense and just wants to make the fans happy.
  13. Hoof_It_Nev

    Samir Nasri

  14. Hoof_It_Nev

    Dominic Calvert-Lewin.

    England Under 21's currently 4-0 against Andorra U21's. DCL with 2 and Lookman with 1. DCL just been subbed off.
  15. Hoof_It_Nev

    Leicester City (Away) Saturday October 6th

    Richarlison up top?