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  1. So much dancing around the same often repeated opinions (stolen that thought) as well. Just let it go guys, he's gone and we've saved £600k a week, everyone's a winner.
  2. Yup, it's happening. Also the weather forecast for the whole week-end at Sochi is shite, loads of the wet stuff, will make for an interesting race. My money's on another McLaren one two, but with Lando on the top step this time
  3. At least it's a top airport, plenty to occupy her.
  4. Ah, right. Worse places to be stuck I guess, is she allowed out of the airport or stuck in it?
  5. You could always go through it and quote the negative ones for balance
  6. I'm on holiday, no time to read anything with more than three sentences.
  7. Bloody dreadful, where are the girls stuck?
  8. No sympathy here, wait until your sixties (though I was in hospial for a month with pneumonia at 33); bits start to fall off.
  9. Too little shed talk of late, I found a video from 2006/7 earlier which is 55 minutes long (camera on tripod while I paint shed) but I had a little fun along the way; this is the speeded up highlights reel.
  10. At least it'll only be around half of them, £500,000 a week was crippling us.
  11. How about Scot Gemmill and Stephen Hughes, or Gemmill with Nyarko?
  12. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/58643421
  13. Hiding from every stranger as well I understand.
  14. Wondering this morning if he has some Jamaican heritage, if so he could now be described as a Carribbean Blue
  15. Loved Derek and Clive, but that sketch was a direct steal from a superb American comedian, Nipsey Russell, whose version was infinitely funnier and more clever...
  16. Can you clarify? Don't remember ever seeing a twonk, let alone a dancing one😁
  17. Guys not a chance in hell I can post a Motm thread, can someone step up?
  18. Just so clever, my brother showed it to me last night and I was rolling on the floor (figuratively, not literally).
  19. Have to love the insight BBC journos give you, Austin scores a second and they announce, "The ex-Southampton striker is now on a hat-trick." Who knew?
  20. That's not a statement you often see on here😂
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