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Fulham (away)


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Fulham last six league games DWLLLD thumb_Logofulham.jpg Versus thumb_LogoEverton.jpg Everton last six league games. DDWWWW.

Craven Cottage on Sunday 16th march. Two teams who would like to pick up all 3 points, but for different reasons.


I found this when I was digging around looking for some info on our opponents. I'd never heard of this and I thought I knew a little bit about football in general.


In January 1996 Fulham travelled to Torquay United who were bottom of the entire football league and Fulham were second bottom, their lowest ever league position and they lost. For many it was the supporters and the Clubs blackest day in their history, not only staring non league football in the face but also the real prospect of extinction, a far cry from the days when Johnny Haynes, George Cohen and the like used to grace the turf at the Cottage.

Fulham FC like ourselves, had been part of the football establishment for over a hundred years and they could not be allowed to just slip away, former player Mickey Adams had this uppermost in his mind when he assumed control of team affairs in 1996, Steering the ailing side out of the danger zone, and securing Fulham's future as a league club, and after 3 quick promotions they were up into the premier League but had to share QPRs ground at Loftus Road until Craven Cottage was upgraded and made into an all seater Stadium.


It just goes to prove that living in the Shadow of teams like Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, and West Ham they do really have to fight for any bit of recognition, or praise from the Media, 3 quick promotions from the bottom tier to the Prem in 6 years. :o Had this been written or spoken about a bit more I might have known about it.

I spoke to several members from the 'Friends of Fulham' forum and they agreed to answer some questions about their club and players for me, I'm very grateful to them for that, and the replies to the questionnaire appear below.


I'm sure all Goodison fans, along with most genuine footy fans across the country will be pleased to see Jimmy Bullard back and playing after such an horrendous injury, how much have you missed him, and what does he bring to your team.

Corkcity.. Well, Jimmy is a good Prem player, never going to be International class as some Fulham fans might think and We cant afford to lose players of his quality. He always tries the one touch passing, something we are not used to and a lot of other clubs are not used to.

Lork.. We've missed Bullard a lot, and with him we probably would have finished higher in the league last season. He brings enthusiasm and an honest love for the game. By the end of a match, there isn't a blade of grass that he hasn't stepped on, he's constantly roaming the pitch. He's a great bloke too, everyone who's met him has said what a nice chap he is and he's not afraid to make the odd joke (but I think he'll leave the jokes at home if he get's called up by Capello!). He's also a good passer of the ball and takes a mean set piece, plus he's scored every time he's started a match at the Cottage so you lot better watch out when you come down!

LBNo11.. Jimmy Bullard had reached almost legendary status with Fulham fans after only four games before his injury. He is like a human dynamo and plays with such a passion it is infectious with our fans, and seems to rub off onto the players. I suppose you could say he is the heartbeat of the squad - and you could say that we have been in cardiac arrest since his injury. I met him at a sponsors day recently and he is one of us - a lad that like us stood on the terraces and loves the game.

At the start of the 07/08 season what were the Fulham Fans realistic expectations, and have they achieved it or fallen short.

Corkcity.. My own expectations were mid table but when Lawrie Sanchez decided to sign half of the Northern Ireland team I knew we would be in trouble.

Lork.. Some were expecting a European finish because of all the money had been spent, but that was a tad unrealistic. I myself went for a 13/14th place finish after we only just finished above relegation last season, but.after around £35m spent on players last summer and this January, we are desperately short of our expectations were at. It's not the best of situations to be in to be honest.

LBNo11.. This is very difficult to answer for various reasons - we had a new manager whose club record was almost non existent, but with a good CV at International level. He brought in what we were led to believe was the pick of the bunch of championship players. Well you know the saying, buy championship players and you'll end up - in the championship! Initially we had a good start but were dogged by awful decisions by officials. I think the majority were quietly confident that we would end up around 13 - 14th and build for the next season. But by Christmas the football and results were awful and it was plain to see a change was needed.


Do you have any memories of previous meetings between the Clubs, and if so can you tell us why.

Corkcity.. Not really Everton have never been a rival of ours. We see you as being shadowed by Liverpool and you probably see us as being shadowed by Chelsea.

Lork.. I remember a rather comical 2-0 win over you a few years ago, courtesy of two own goals, but other than that no not really.

LBNo11.. Well, as a fan in alarmingly advancing years (nearly as old as you Bill) there have not been so many times our paths have crossed due to the divisional gaps. Naturally, my main memory is the 5th round FA Cup tie at a cold Goodison Park where little ole Fulham, a division below you matched you and for spells tore you apart, mainly through Viv Busby, and winger Jimmy Conway, and my old hero, left winger Les Barrett. Thankfully your old hero Bob Latchford was substituted, we beat you 1-2 and we went on to Wembley - memory plays tricks, I’ve forgotten the result there!


Which players have exceeded expectations for you this season, and who has been a bit disappointing for you.

Corkcity.. Dempsey and Davies have been outstanding, the most disappointing has been Kamara, we paid 6m for him and to me he is a Championship player.

Lork.. Exceeded !! (if that's the right word): Omozusi, Davies, Dempsey, Niemi, Bullard and Hangeland (even though the last two have played so few games).

Dissapointing: Kamara, Baird, Davis, Healy, Stefanovic, Seol.

LBNo11.. Not sure many would agree with me, but the best player for me has risen from the youth ranks in his début season in the premiership, our young back Elliot Omozusi and he has only had a handful of games but looks confident and steady. As well as him your former player Simon Davies has played well, the young American Clint Dempsey, although raw, gives his all and is learning. The only signing from Sanchez that impressed was Paul Konchesky, but he has not been on form for a while. Disappointments, there’s been a few, but then again, too many to mention (sorry Mr Sinatra).

A Fairly standard question, what do you think of Everton this season, and do you rate any of our players.

Corkcity.. Everton to me will always be comfortable, never threatening to win anything. Artetta obviously is an excellent player and Johnson (even though he is a bit of a diver) might get a few goals.

Lork.. Na you lot are crap! But seriously, I wouldn't mind having Lescott, Arteta, Cahill, Yakubu or Yobo in the Fulham first XI, they are all very good players and your team and manager are a quality outfit. Don't take this the wrong way though, but I don't think you're 4th because you're better than Liverpool but more that Liverpool are below you because of a series of mishaps with the owners and selection policy and whatnot, because they've definately got the players to challenge for a title if they consistently play their best XI over a season. I still really would like you to break the 'Big Four' though, I like Everton alot and you have a good manager and good players so I think you could do it. Maybe you could nick the UEFA cup as well. Good luck for the rest of the season.

LBNo11.. Everton have improved greatly in the last few seasons, and you are obviously becoming prepared for a European campaign. Your passing has let you down, but your constant pounding of your oppositions goals has made up for that. You are fortunate to have a wealth of talent, The Yak, and Tim Cahill, Jagielka, Arteta, would be welcome in the white shirt of Fulham, but with our wage cap it is very difficult to attract quality players - mind you we did get Radz - ahem!


The Media, do you feel that you are often overlooked and not given enough coverage by the TV, Newspapers, and such.

Corkcity.. I can tell you I personally hate Sky Sports, they have ruined it for anyone outside as they call it 'The Big Four', its a made up thing by Sky a load of old bollox, ok if you are a Man U fan living in America but Shit for the likes of us when games are being switched to suite the TV audience.

Lork.. Yeah but that's to be expected if you support a club the size of Fulham and commentators of the game seem to be bias against us whenever I see or read something for whatever reason. Wouldn't change it for the world though.

LBNo11.. I think if you ask any of the so called smaller teams they would all say they feel overlooked. I think on one of your own websites someone asked what was the relevance of teams like Fulham in the premiership ? Well that is how the media seems to look at us, MOTD can be usually turned on with a minute to go to see Fulham’s 45 seconds, no matter how well we played, or what the result was. I will not subscribe to sky, but those I know with it say that the pundits are usually ecstatic when we go behind/lose. We do however, get some media cover if we play a top five team.


Simon Davies was'nt the player we thought he was when we signed him and often struggled to make the team, Hows he doing for you.

Corkcity.. Actually he is playing really well but there is one thing still lacking, he gets into great positions to shoot and decides to pass it out wide, was he like this with you, frightened to have a shot. ?

Lork.. He took some stick last season, but whenever I've seen him he's always put in 100% (although he doesn't like to track back much does he), he's got a good footballing brain, good delivery, plus he's scored a couple of great goals this season like the ones against Reading and Sunderland. So yeah, one of our best and most consistent performers this season.

LBNo11.. Well as mentioned in question 4, he seems to have settled down here and he has been one of our better players, and his experience has been a valuable asset to the squad.

I thought Roy Hodson might be be a steadying influence at Fulham, what do you think of him and the signings he has brought in.

Corkcity.. His signings have been good IMO. Hangerland is a really good player, Nevland is a hard working forward something we have been lacking, Andreason is also a good player who comes from a good league and likes to play football on the deck.

Lork.. Much much better than his predecessor. He's bought well, we're playing good football and we look alot more confident, and for once we've got a manager who doesn't talk absolute bollocks every time he talks to the media. Now all we need is the results but whether we'll get them only time will tell. Alot of people had written us off until the Villa game though, and that game has shown that we do indeed have the quality to win games and stay up. We could always field an illegal player to help us too, it'd only cost us £5m. I'd be prepared to pay that for away wins at Arsenal and Man U anyway.

LBNo11.. I saw him at the training ground recently, he clearly has a passion for football and was running around barking orders and making it very clear what he expects from the players, there is a respect for him from the players that didn’t appear to be there for the previous man in charge. At the time of writing it is too early to say for sure - especially as FIFA have been dragging their shiny heels regarding a players transfer who may make all the difference. But Hangeland, Andreasen and Nevland look good, and it will be a pleasure to see the name Litmanen on a Fulham shirt - although I am sure you guys will give him a ‘warm’ welcome.


And finally, how do you think the game will go, your welcome to forecast the score and scorers if you wish.

Corkcity.. Well It's St Patrick's weekend and I am a Fulham season ticket holder living in Ireland who goes to every game. I will only predict a one nil win to Fulham with Dempsey scoring late in the second half.

Lork.. Well, a top 4 club against one second from bottom. All set up for a 2-1 home win then! I won't touch the scorers with a 20 ft pole, but Be on the look out for this man : > to the tune of Que Serra Serra.



LBNo11.. I am consistent in forecasting the wrong result, so I will say you to win.

Finally, just a big thank you to Everton for letting us have John Murtough who is now Fulham's head of youth, an intelligent man who lives and breathes football, and is bringing on some fine youth players like Omozusi. (Come On You Whites).



A big thank you goes to the 'Friends of Fulham' Forum Moderator for allowing me to put up the request on the forum, also to all the members who greeted me and treated me like i was one of their own, they were very friendly and i enjoyed every minute i spent with them. A special thank you to CorkCity, Lork, and LBNo11 for taking the time out and assisting me in putting it all together. And to Bigmamma also, who's questionaire returned with 4 answers to every question from a group representing the FOF Ladies, unfortunately it came a bit too late, and to add it to this would have made the Article far too long, maybe i'll keep it in a safe place for next season.

Whatever the outcome of the game, lets hope we both have a successful climax to the season. Cheers.


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We need to show up ready to work hard and outplay them for 90 minutes, because they're going to be desperate for these three points. We have to want it just as much as they do. Plus, there's that little matter of us not having won at Craven Cottage since the sixties, and it's long past time for us to get that monkey off our backs.

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Nice piece again Bill.


Fulham certainly have some fight left in them and Bullard's dangerous, but we seem to be able to cope with all these type of games this season so we'll hopefully take another three points. I said I'd settle for a scrappy 1-0 at Sunderland and the same again would do nicely :) .

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I think we'll score 2 or 3 in this one. Be interesting to see what team Moyes starts putting out, AJ has been amongst the goals recently, but with Arteta, Osman and Pienaar finally all fit and playing (hopefully) then Moyes must be thinking back to how well we were playing with those 3 in a 5 man midfield. Moyes has some big decisions ahead of him and I expect a win against Fulham, it's going to be difficult to keep on winning game after game with the pressure on, Liverpool need to start slipping up.

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I quite like Fulham actually, really don't want to see them get relegated, but I don't think we'll help them out with that at all. Expect 2-0 or 3-0 for us. I think well continue playing like we did against Fiorentina at home, and Fulham aren't nearly as good as the Italians. Maybe Arteta will shoot a few more and get his name in the Spain side.


Arteta, AJ, Jags to score.

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Confidence for the league is high... need some payback from the last game and I've a feeling that a win away, a win against Wham will set us up nicely for the derby (I am sooo looking forward to that one)


For this match against Fulham I say 3-0 (2 for Yak, and 1 for Ozzie near the end).

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Seeing as its an away game and Cahill might be fit i think he will go 4-5-1, a bit tough on Aj because he has been looking sharper, but i think we need a big man who can hold the ball up in that system, so it might just be Cahill in for AJ as the only change.

















bench... wessells .. hibbert .. baines .. johnson.. anichebe.

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Wouldn't be surprised to see something like:



hibbo yobo jags lescott

art cars nev baines

AJ Vic


to rest some tired legs after wednesday.


I'm not saying this will be the line-up, nor would I choose this line-up but quite a few changes wouldn't surprise me.

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If one of the midfielder is absolutely knackered after the other night then I'd just replace them with Cahill and stick with the 442. I feel we need to keep AJ in the starting 11 while his confidence is high


















Cahill (like I said, if a midfielder is completely fucked then he'd replace them)


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I quite like Fulham actually, really don't want to see them get relegated, but I don't think we'll help them out with that at all. Expect 2-0 or 3-0 for us. I think well continue playing like we did against Fiorentina at home, and Fulham aren't nearly as good as the Italians. Maybe Arteta will shoot a few more and get his name in the Spain side.


Arteta, AJ, Jags to score.

Lol I despise them and hope they go down then keep falling never to be seen again! Suppose I still hate them from the days when Boa Morte played for them and the games against them always seemed to boil over into bad temperd affairs.

Think it will be a tough game though given our appalling record dow there and the possible hangover from midweek so I would take 1-0 to us

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Don't feel overly confident about this one, think we could be slightly demorralised from europe, also we always play poorly at craven cottage, if there is a time to play a bogey team now is not it. Isn;t it something like 42 years since we've won there or something stupid like that?


This is a game we need to and really should win, though i'm going for a 1-1 draw. Yak for us, Bullard for them

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David Moyes has named an unchanged starting XI for today's clash with Fulham.


That is little surprise after the quality of the performance against Fiorentina in the midweek Uefa Cup encounter at Goodison Park.


And with Tim Cahill still not recovered from a hip and foot problem and Victor Anichebe failing a late fitness test and missing out on a place on the bench, the manager's options are very defensive amongst the substitutes.


Teenager Jack Rodwell is joined by fellow defender Nuno Valente, Tony Hibbert and Leighton Baines as the outfiled options on the sidelines.


The starting line-up once again sees Leon Osman and Lee Carsley partnering in the centre of midfield, with Mikel Arteta and Steven Pienaar likely to switch between flanks in a bid to unlock the Fulham defence and end Everton's 42 year wait for a victory at Craven Cottage.


Former Everton players Brian McBride and Simon Davies are included in Roy Hodgson's starting line-up as David Moyes begins his seventh year as manager of Everton against the club he first faced as Goodison chief.



....just carry on playing like Wednesday and it'll be a stroll...hopefully :unsure: .

Edited by MikeO
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Fulham is fighting for survivial...so not easy...we are fighting for fourth (after yet again the fu*k ref helped teh red shit yesterday to deny a penalty for reading at the last few seconds).....


For some reasons, the boys are gonna do well in this game...a funny feeling this can be a another 1-7 score game...maybe that will close the difference btwn us and the red shites!!....heres to a victory!

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not optimisitic about this one, and the pressure from the shite getting 3 points before us is getting worse every week......


we just need to keep matching them until the derby and then take matters into our own hands then.


got a feeling it'll be 1-1 today - hope I'm wrong

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