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Middlesbrough (away)


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Down to the bare bones again, Ossie and Joey very unlikely to be fit I think but hopefully we'll have a striker back. Presuming Castillo's still out...












If we still have no striker then everyone's favourite Dutchman may even get a start with TC moving up front again :unsure: .


I still think we'll have enough to beat 'Boro but any more injuries and I'll bring my shirt for the Sunderland game...I may just get on the bench B) .

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I can't see how even if we lose this it could be considered a slip up. Despite all the graft and touch of quality we've been very lucky to come through the last two games with 4 points and without a miracle recovery by Saha and or Anichebe, I have to think it will take another good dose of fortune to swing through the rest of the holiday schedule with any results. Of course if AVDM starts then we might have a chance...








---VDM--------- Arteta--------Pienaar------








That or maybe Arteta back on the wing with Rodwell in the middle of the park. Baxter's not fit yet is he?

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Despite all the graft and touch of quality we've been very lucky to come through the last two games with 4 points...


Don't agree at all. We had some luck earlier in the season but the last two games we've got exactly what we deserved, if we'd had a bit of luck we'd have got six points rather than four.


According to the OS, Yobo deffo out for the Christmas games, Vic and Saha doubtful, but Ossie looks like it's just bruising and he may be OK.




Howard, Nash, Hibbert, Neville, Lescott, Jagielka, Baines, Arteta, Osman, Cahill, Fellaini, Pienaar, Rodwell, Gosling, vd Meyde, Kissock, Jutkiewicz, Wallace.


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I would rather see fellaini further back the pitch to encourage us to keep it on the floor more, because everyone knows he's tall, all we will ever do with him is hoof it up, him and Arteta have the class to destroy teams on there day so lets build the team around them.


3-1 Pienaar FS VDM Assist :)

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I think that we will do well against Middlesbrough. We've been good at the back and with the attacking display shown at Chelsea anything can happen. I think that we'll be aware of thier threats (they dont have many) Jagielka will keep Mido and O'Neill at bay and Downing won't need that much looking after (did I mention he's shite) so we'll do well against them.


IMO, 3-0.


Fellaini and Cahill in the first half before Van der Meyde pops up with a goal in the final few minutes (:



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We have nothing to fear on Thursday. Since the Wigan game, the spirit has started to re-emerge, coupled with some decent football. If we play anywhere near our potential (I suppose anyone could say that) we should be to strong for them. Only thing that worries me is they have had two extra days to get over there last game, so hope tiredness does not set in. If I had to predict the score then I go 2-1 for us.

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Gosling début....Leon out...Vic on the bench.


24 Howard

02 Hibbert

06 Jagielka

05 Lescott

03 Baines

10 Arteta

18 Neville

25 Fellaini

20 Pienaar

32 Gosling

17 Cahill



01 Nash, 07 Van der Meyde, 26 Rodwell, 27 Jutkiewicz, 28 Anichebe, 36 Kissock, 38 Wallace

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