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Man Of The Match Vs Sunderland



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    • HOWARD
    • BAINES
    • OSMAN --off. 68 mins
    • FELLAINI --off. 76 mins
    • CAHILL
    • ARTETA
    • GOSLING --on. 68 mins
    • ANICHEBE --on. 76 mins

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Get your vote in while its still fresh in your memory. :)






Current Player of the Year standings....

Jagielka 118

Fellaini 76

Osman 69

Arteta 63

Neville 49

Cahill 46

Saha 43

Howard 41

Baines 36

Pienaar 19

Castillo 18

Lescott 17

Anichebe 14

Vaughan 11

Yakubu 10

Baadhi 10

Yobo 7

Hibbert 6

Gosling 6

Van der Meyde 4

Baxter 4

Rodwell 4

Valente 2


MOTM winners....


Blackburn (H)...Mikel Arteta

West Brom (A)...Leon Osman

Portsmouth (H)...Leighton Baines

Stoke City (A)...Tim Cahill

Standard Liege (H)...Segundo Castillo

Hull City (A)...Leon Osman

Blackburn (A)...Louis Saha

Liverpool (H)...Phil Jagielka

Standard Liege (A)...Phil Jagielka

Newcastle (H)...Leighton Baines

Arsenal (A)...Marouane Fellaini

Manchester United (H)...Marouane Fellaini

Bolton (A)...Marouane Fellaini

Fulham (H)...Phil Jagielka

West Ham (A)...Louis Saha

Middlesbrough (H)...Phil Neville

Wigan (A)...Tim Howard

Spurs (A)...Phil Jagielka

Aston Villa (H)...Joleon Lescott

Man City (A)...Tim Cahill

Chelsea (H)...Leon Osman

Middlesbrough (A)...Mikel Arteta

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Howard: Didn't have much today apart from a few back-passes. He looked strong throughout though and even when the odd shot came in he handled it well. Another clean sheet to match a good performance.


Hibbert: I didn't like him against Chelsea but I thought he had a fantastic game today. He gave us some good width down the wings and put a few good balls in. I like Tony going foreward but I just feel he lets us down when he's actually defending. Today he did well at both, solid at the back and good going foreward.


Jagieka & Lescott: Same high standard from them. Kept Cisse quiet and made sure that Sunderland got nowhere near Howard. Without Jags we wouldent be the team we are. The same can be said for Joleon, he's back to his best and its so good to see. He just needs to get on the score-sheet more (:


Baines: Solid. I wanted to see him in the team more and I'm glad that he is. He looks good going foreward and I think we could see him getting a goal sooner rather than later.

Neville: Faultless as always. So proffesional on the pitch and is one of the best captains that we have had at the club. He moves the ball around with ease and commands to perfection. His heart's in the right place and he came so close to a goal in the last few minutes.


Osman & Fellaini: These two started well and drifted off towards the end. Osman came off after 67 minutes and I thought he gave a good performance. He was nippy going foreward and did well at keeping us in formation - Fellaini was good in the air as always, I just want him to play like that for 90 minutes rather than 75.


Cahill & Arteta: Awesome. Two goals from Arteta and he was amazing to watch. Back to his best along with his Australian team-mate. These two were a pleasure to watch today. Cahill's doing a great job as our stand-in-striker.


Pienaar: Fantastic work rate. He wasn't the best skilled on the pitch and he didn't put in the best balls but he worked for the full 90 minutes and ensured that we made attacks.


Gosling & Jutkiewicz: These two look so promising. Lukas wasn't on for long but what he did he did well. Pleased that Dan got a goal, hope these two play against Macclesfield.

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Gave my vote to Arteta! Really starting to hit his straps now.


Good 20mins from young Gosling again aswell. Lad who I taught, has played for England with Gosling, reckons that Gosling is one of the best players he's played with. Was very surprised it's taken so long for him to get a run of games.

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Haha, Well that's me voting for Neville. I know Arteta will get all the plaudits and fair play he deserves them, but for me, he got the chance to shine because, at last, we have found someone to protect the skilful midfielder. Phil Neville may not get all (if any) of the credit but today he was outstanding. He broke up everything Sunderland brought forward and protected Arteta so well that he was able to express himself, great teamwork in my opinion. Granted Arteta scored two goals and was immense in his own performance but for me unsung Neville gets my vote.

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Two more for Arteta from me and Josh.


Seven hours on the M5/6 (when I can do it in three) and it was worth every second to watch Mikel yesterday.


Just got home and I'm not at all suprised to see it's the most one sided MOTM this season.


Great performance....that's not to say anyone else played badly...good performance by everyone.

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seeing what arteta can do in that position, we should be happy not to have signed Moutinho in august .. arteta would have been a waste of talent on either flank.

i do wonder if for 15m fellaini was the best buy out there, but it does seem that since his arrival everton has shot up the standings. seems like mo fits in perfectly with this team with his size and position play... arteta now distributing and getting the ball back ..

what originally seemed like a bit a of disappointing transfer period now turns out to be a great turn of events..

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who is Baadhi?! :huh:


Noah Baadhi....long standing TT play on words meaning nobody.


He's given as a choice in some MOTM polls where it's possible people might think no real player deserves their vote :) .


Happily we've not felt the need to offer him as an option for a while.

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