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Some Good News At Last!


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And the Fat Spanish Waiter moaning again :lol:


Ball goes out for a corner, Reina booked for protesting it should have been a goal kick and kicking the ball away. Benitez complaining to the 4th official that one minute injury time is up. Over comes corner and Villa score! Priceless!


And it just gets better...Gerrard gives away a penalty! 3-1 now.

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I'd go for safety first to be honest. He'll probably be knackered after tonight, so to put him in for another (regardless of how long he plays) would be abit daft I reckon. Apart from that Vaughan, Saha, Jo, Agard etc have all done a full preseason so will no doubt be sharper at this stage anyway.


Great to see him making his way back though!

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So the yak scored on his return.. but my question is, how long will it be before hes back in contention for a first team spot, to be honest i cant wait to have him back, it will be like a new signing! so im counting down the days until hes back playing... do you think it could be fulham? or maybe a game after that?

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My thought is that I am glad we have more competitive strikers than we have had for a while at the very least.


Personally, I'd love to see him back at the Fulham game whilst Bily makes his début. That would be awesome.

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It's great that he has travelled. TBH i can't see him being involved at all, but I think he could make the bench on Sunday. I'll just be delighted to see him playing again. Great player and a big miss for us. He's played two games now for the ressies and scored 3 goals, all be it against weak opposition, but it's good to see he still has ability. Just hope the injury has not hampered him too muich, some players never really come back properly from that type of injury.

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