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If We Had Fifteen Million

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If we sold or found £15 mill for one player who would you go for?

Abonglahor- Quick front man. Ideal.

Guseppi Rossi- Goalscorer

Adam Johnson- First to admit it, never rated him before signing with City but what a player! City will fuck him up.


Isn't that 3 players, not one? ;)


I can't think of anyone of the top of my head, because tbh it'd take someone rather special to improve our starting line-up.

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Guest Reg Reagan

Mesut Ozil - 13 mil :D


im usually sceptical about players performing so well in the World Cup and then coming into the premier league and they play like crap.


but Ozil looks like he is all class and i would definitely sign him for 15-20million

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Well we're quite the masochists, no? haha. 15m. Wow. That would be nice.


Ozil would be a fabulous addition, but it seems as though the man who signed for around 4m (I believe) just a few years ago, could be worth more than the 15 fantasy million we're talking about. Just read that the offer Werder rejected from Madrid came in at about 12m and "wasn't even worth negotiation."


However I like how we're thinking. The pace and attacking ability we loved in Donovan but he's got 7 years on him.

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Darren Bent for 7.5 and Donovan for the other 7.5

7.5m would buy Bents left arm based on Bruce's rediculous valuation of players!


7.5 certainly wouldn't come close for Donovan either. If he were valued around there, I'd imagine moves would've already happen to get that deal through.

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