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not that interesting but im passing time whilst the wife gets ready. Sounds like a good idea, adding a bit of diversity to the SPL but then only 2 Old Firm derbies (the only games really worth watching for a neutral). That said, maybe it would be even more intense because theres only 2 games. What d'y'all think?

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I'd be well pissed off if I was a Blackburn fan...much better ways of spending £20m than on a thirty year old in steady decline.

Also said that they were looking at trying to get Duff back too :huh:


Another great advertisement for getting taken over by people who have no interest in football!!

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Edin Dzeko....City's £27m new signing...


"I was always attracted most to joining City. I have been linked with the club for a long time, going back to last summer...I am pleased to be at such a good club with such big ambition. They were my first choice and only choice.


Everybody speaks about City having lots of money but it is not about that. It is about ambition and I have spoken to coach Mancini and he told me 'this is the best club for you'.




Decent scoring record for Wolfsburg.....but the world's gone mad.

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...QPR manager Neil Warnock after his side's exit at Blackburn. An absolutely livid Warnock claimed Rovers' El-Hadji Diouf taunted striker Jamie Mackie as the player lay on the ground with a broken leg: "He is calling him all sorts on the pitch. There was no need to put the finger up and call him a disgrace and even the Blackburn people were embarrassed. I can't abide people like that...I think he is the lowest of the low and I can't see him being at Blackburn much longer because I can't see Steve Kean putting up with someone like that in the dressing room."


Diouf really is probably the most unpleasant player in the league.

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Martin O'Neill to take over Wet Spam according to the beeb...




"The understanding from sources close to him is he's not finished with football and he still believes he has the desire and hunger it takes to manage at the top level," added Roan.

"I wouldn't be surprised if West Ham offered him some kind of short-term contract, perhaps a six-month contract, highly incentivised, trying to ensure that they do survive."



Kinda starting at the wrong end of the table then!

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