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Song For Sunday


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To tune of oke Cokey !


You want your old Yanks out, your new Yanks in,

In out in out

you swap them all about.

...You do the Liverpool FC

and you're still going down,

that's what it's all about!

Oh you're on the doley,

Oh you've got Joe Coley,

Oh you're in s*h*i*t*y holey.

Deep s*h*i*t*, Next Leeds, Ha Ha Ha!


if its been posted before please move or remove

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Milky's surely not taking the credit for making this up? It'd been doing the rounds a few days before it appeared here.


I'm a big fan of singing songs about us rather than them - the league won't let anything bad happen to that lot anyway!!! :angry:


never said it was mine :blink:

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yeah i think the line "if its been posted before please move or remove" suggested he wasn't takin credit...either that or he thinks he's has a connected mind on here :lol:


Just correcting mis-conceptions of others - with others asking him to tweak it etc. Wouldn't want him getting too much credit for a cut and paste job.

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On thinking it over, calling Milky a tool isn't all bad. Not an insult at all really. He can be the forum 'Hammer'


Tearing into silly posts with all words blazing for us.


Or pehaps the forum chisel? Winkling out those little pieces of facts that we don't usually see?


Oh sod it, lets just leave him as a tool. It's more fun :lol:

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