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Chelsea (A)

Adam Partington

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It's been a hard few weeks hasn't it? I can't remember the last time I felt so down about the state of my football club, thanks to David Moyes I've spent my teens in almost Everton bliss. Some fantastic memory's, granted not a shadow on what the children of the 80's or other great Everton teams may have experienced, but in contrast to the 90's the 00's have been a lot brighter up until this season. Things have reached the surface now and we are all getting worried. The actions of our board are leading Evertonian's into a cilvil war like state, it's not a good feeling but that topic is up for discussion all over this forum so I'll leave it there...



However, this weekend 6,500 Evertonian's will descend on the capital for the early KO, live on Skysport's with ticket prices sky high & at a time when everyone is skint. That in itself is something to be proud of. Even more so with the doom and gloom that sits over Goodison. It just shows the rest of the country what a big club we are. As a group of fans we are special.


I won't be at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, but I know that every single person in that Everton end will get behind the lads and hopefully spur them onto victory, I don't like to say it but I've got a great feeling about Saturday, with the season we are having its a massive game. Lets be honest, are season will end if we get beat...


So lets put all this doom and gloom behind us, go down there and show Chelsea what our grand old team is made of and show them what a REAL Football Club is all about.


When Everton score I can promise you, you WILL hear me from Malaysia!


For 90 minutes lets pull together as a club, one for all, all for one! A proud club that can still cut it with the best!



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Cant remember exactly what game, but Arteta takes a corner which we score from, then all the other corners are taken by other players and fail to score, think it was game before last?

Good tactic that...we're lucky if Mikel puts in one decent corner a game so once he's done it no point hoping for another one.

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I have a weird feeling about this one. I get the feeling we will either go out there play like we can and rip through Chelsea, or we will pussy it, sit back and get beat comfortably.


All I aks from Moyes is that we set the team up to have a go at Chelsea and show them no respect whatsoever. I expect to see Beckford and tbh I wouldnt mind Osman coming in for Cahill in order to play the same way as Rodwell did against Blackpool. Having said that I think Cahill has more potential to worry a back four low in confidence. I dont know how quick Luiz is but Im sure the pace of Beckford getting in behind will worry their other CB's, meaning they drop deep and give Osman more time and space to create, along with Arteta.


Maybe (and this is a big maybe) its also time to try out the Jags & Heitinga partnership. The other partnerships with Distin and these two have never really been solid and even though Distin has done well, we havent been keeping the clean sheets we need to.

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Is it possible to be too much of an Evertonian? I only ask cos I am still peeved to hell and back over the Notlob game. So I have to say that I think we are about to be lambs to the slaughter at Chelsea. :(


(Gawd I hope not, apart from being beaten I don't think I can put up with Alan Hansen's holier than thou atitude.) :angry:


Anyway with the utmost effort at optimism I think we may just get a goal. :mellow:


(Geez I really do feel down after last week, someone say something to cheer me up) :crying:




:COYBs[1]: COYB :COYBs[1]:

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Every league game at the moment spells pressure, has done for the past few games, and the next few will be even worse, so!


Chelsea way, and not in the league, no pressure.Chelsea will be pretty big favorites!so that's an extra plus.


We know we can beat them on our day, just has to be that sort of day.


Moyes' face last week after the Bolton game told a story, Oh I don't see Moyes walking any time soon, no I see him working his nuts off to get things turned around.


Away from a nervous Goodison, with massive support, I predict one thing, no not the result but the performance.I think Moyes is on the verge of namimg and shaming, so I see some big performaces forthcoming.They better, for the sake of Everton football club.

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My head says we get knocked out today, either in 90 minutes, or, if we turn up, by penalties.


However, my heart keeps telling me that I should expect the unexpected. A win for us would be just what the doctor ordered to lift the dismal spirit that seems to have drenched Everton (both club & suppporters) in recent weeks.




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