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Riot(?) in Liverpool


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my brother in law just got back from a 17hr shift, a little battered but ok. Wish these wankers would stop. I know its sounds obvious, but the government couldve put an end to this swiftly. The lack of action taken basically showed to those idiots who wanted to riot that they wouldnt meet that much resistance. Iron fist as IanC called it, squash the riots quickly so it doesnt spread. Bit late now....

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Absolute nob joackeys. They realised that if you riot, looting becomes acceptable. It's a disgrace, homes and business' have been burnt, and for what?


I hope to high heaven that this is the time Human Rights and the Justice system get reviewed and criminals are treated like criminals. As a secure escort for a few years, i can tell you whole heartedly that some of the little shits we used to bang up, where given a damn site more than anybody could care to imagine.


Lack of hard punishments over the years has resulted in 'soft' policing and the youth are revelling in it. It's an opportunity for them, to take the piss.


This whole situation (as some of you have mentioned) could have been stopped. Get the forces in, rubber bullets and water, arrest every shit there is and lock them in a hanger somewhere, with small grouped cages. If they want to act like animals, we should treat them like it too.


If they do it again, make the punishment worse. just accepting it, is making the whole situation alot worse than it should be.


Sorry state of affairs, yobs from all major cities are now thinking they can get away with it, and at this rate, they really can

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it's becomin like 28 days later..i'd throw all the cunts in a pit myself..fuck cages too good for um..they aren't of the same calibre as a dog..lob um all in a pit and drop a few black widows in there an all..see how 'ard they are then

hope so, then i can fly home and beat fuck out of them with whatever i can find, take some of this stress out....

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i seriously hope that is someone's shit attempt at a joke!!


infact as an add on to my pit idea i'd start fillin it slowly then the cunts could fight each other to get on top to die last..no time for wankers at all..spoilin my normal gentle demeanour!


Mate i'd bring in the Battle Royale scenario with them. Send them to an island with no inhabitants, bombs round their necks and then its a fight to the death. It helps to save the gene pool, stops them stealing our oxygen but also becomes the most intense and realistic pay-per-view entertainment on the planet. As viewers, it would be incredible satisfying.


At the end of the day, they're probably going to die early from drugs, drink or other diseases caused by lack of hygeine or get banged up for time, so why waste resources, when they can waste each other instead!

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no, it was 21 acutally but you go in the wrong door(if you kinda understand that) it was a basement flat, its classed as faulkner sqaure, even though its on grove street, there is a tiny little shop just in that alley way, and i bet that got trashed


I lived at 23, that shop was great, saved me trekking to town on many of occasions.

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