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Club take legal action against Nottinghamshire farm shop


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Is that the Official Typeface? Bit silly if it is.


However, have we not got bigger fish to fry or are we really that skint?

Who cares! Considering all the work we do to endear ourselves and work with the local community, this is just fucking stupid. They should be saying "Hey, you know we've got copyrights etc on the font / name / whatever, but how about you become our provider and we create a partnership?".

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Oh dear. This really is sad..... makes us seem petty.

I remember there is/was a small but quite upmarket grocery shop in Napier, New Zealand called MacDonald's. Been so for donkey's years, and yes they got sued. There was a little sandwich bar inPalmerston North called Harrods. Owned by a bloke called Harrods as was the MacDonald's owned by a MacDonald Didn't make any difference.... they got sued too! Made the big blokes look absolutely stupid.

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