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A statistical snapshot of our squad


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I realised yesterday that all of our new signings over the summer came from the Premier League and that with the exception of Mason Holgate, all members of our squad played at least 1 minute of PL football last season. I had a couple of hours to kill this afternoon so I imported statistical data from the PL website and crunched some numbers on our current squad based on last season's stats. I tend to think that season totals (e.g. total tackles, total passes, etc.) or stats per game (e.g. goals per game, shots per game) skew towards players who start matches. I find that stats per 90 minutes of football (e.g. assists per 90 minutes, blocks per 90 minutes) are much more accurate when comparing players. Below is the overview of the numbers I analysed:




M = Minutes YC = Yellow Cards RC = Red Cards FO = Fouls SA = Saves PU = Punches GC = Goals Conceded GC/SA% = Goals Conceded-to-Saves Percentage TA = Tackles

BL = Blocks CL = Clearances HC = Headed Clearances PA = Passes TB = Through Balls CR = Crosses GO = Goals AS = Assists SH = Shots SO = Shots On Target WO = Woodwork
OF = Offsides GO/SH% = Goals-to-Shots Percentage SO/SH% = On Target Shooting Percentage


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Some of my own takeaways from this analysis:

- Besic is a defensive workhorse. Last season he made an impressive number of tackles, clearances and blocks for a DM. He's not a dissimilar player to Gueye.

- Deulofeu is one of our most valuable players when he is on the field. 9.1 crosses, 0.52 assists and 0.65 through balls per 90 are all pretty phenomenal stats. His shooting percentage and on target percentages are also extremely high - you can see why Koeman wanted to experiment with him up front. I'd like to see him get a few more opportunities leading the line.

- Valencia is still very raw but there could be something there. It's very obvious that Koeman needs to work on reducing his high number of offsides and improving his shooting accuracy. But that being said, he had a decent goals per 90 figure (0.357) and he gets away a healthy number of shots (3.033) - both a pretty good considering he was mainly used as a wider player at West Ham.



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