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Anagram footballers


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2 hours ago, Bill said:

Name the eleven footballers from these anagrams

1. Roger Benter

2. Finer android

Rio Ferdinand

3. Yore One yawn

Wayne Rooney

4. Hey Meek lies

5. Yone gay lush

6. Park farmland

7. Yello chase

8. J. Lennon Hogs

9. Me had bad Vick

10. Thorny Jer

11.Grab thy rear

Gareth Barry


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That's the lot.

1. Roger Benter (Robert Green)

2. Finer android (Rio Ferdinand)

3. Yore One yawn (Wayne Rooney)

4. Hey Meek lies (Emile Heskey)

5. Yone gay lush (Ashley Young)

6. Park farmland (Frank Lampard)

7. Yello chase (Ashley Cole)

8. J. Lennon Hogs (Glen Johnson)

9. Me had bad Vick (David Beckham)

10. Thorny Jer (John Terry)

11.Grab thy rear (Gareth Barry)

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On 1/27/2018 at 18:35, Cornish Steve said:

Eleven Everton players from the previous five years.

1. Court Maniac

2. Arcane Tailor

3. Satin Haircuts

4. Invents Atheism

5. Beach Dummies

6. Villain Makers

7. No Male Son

8. Tanzania Collar

9. Nice Lean Raven

10. A Spine Veteran

11. Lug Tuba Trek

7. Leon Osman

8. Antolin Alcaraz 

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