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Occurred to me that given modern use of language/text speak etc, along with the nature of the game, wouldn't wordl (five letters) have been a better name for this?

Even my hospital, launching their "mycare" service so you can access loads online, used the tagline, "...are you RDE?" (<<<see what they did, ready, geddit?)

Royal Devon and Exeter in the real world.

If the NYT want to use the new name (©MikeO) I'll settle for a smallish seven figure sum.

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1 hour ago, dunlopp9987 said:

In playing Worldle, it's shocking to me how little Americans know about world geography. Even my small group of friends, who are all very smart people, struggle when it comes to basic geography

Possibly worse over there, but not exclusively an American thing I don't think.

We had a huge atlas at home when I was a kid and I literally used to spend hours looking at it, found it absolutely fascinating....also had a globe. Took me two guesses again today, although it rejected my first attempt at the right answer because I wrote it in English.

Wordle 263 3/6


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