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On 05/06/2022 at 07:31, MikeO said:

On fire!

Wordle 351 2/6


Heardle one second!

And worldle another country I've been to👍




You've been there? That's impressive.

Incidentally, when the former president refused to concede in the 2016 elections, one of the nation's judges was unwillingly pushed to the limelight, declaring the election fair and valid. That weekend, I just happened to give a ride in Atlanta to this judge's son, who was effectively in exile. He told me how his father was under armed protection day and night. I'm assuming that guy is now back in his home country (after more than a decade away). We hear of contested elections in some parts of the world, but we rarely know of the personal cost and human tragedies behind those stories.

We've all heard of the horn of Africa; I tend to think of this country as the worm of Africa.

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11 minutes ago, Cornish Steve said:

You've been there? That's impressive.

I was twenty-nine, came into some money and wanted to do something a bit different.

Actually met a South African born, UK educated, Xhosa woman there, absolutely stunning lady. She came over to England and lived with me for a few months before getting a job in Nigeria. Saw her off at Heathrow with both of us assuring each other that one day we'd be together permanently, but I knew deep down when I saw her go through passport control that it was over.

She tried to teach me some Xhosa but it had clicks and stuff, very difficult; strange that now "clicks and stuff" is central to me getting understood. One thing I've always remembered though, ndiyakuthanda means I love you🧀🧀😂.

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7 hours ago, Cornish Steve said:

I believe this is the first time I've guessed an anagram of the correct answer.

I might well have done the same had I not identified the fourth letter fist up👍

Wordle 355 3/6


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8 hours ago, Gwlad all over said:

Wordle 363 3/6



Quite pleased as I started with a completely random word.

Took me four today.

Wordle 363 4/6


I'm just annoyed that my first ever attempt, when I'd not read the rules, is going to leave me forever on a 99% success rate. 139 times I've solved it now but the schoolboy error first up is costing me.

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