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Everton V Luton


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Another home game and another chance to tinker a bit and try a few things


Wonder who will play?


Luton will be up for this Mike Newell will be keen to get one over his old club


Think he should start with beattie up front as he needs games


Think it will be a toughie, but Ill be there and Im taking my camera so I'll get a few snaps to show you all

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Think they might play Yobo instead of Hughes, got to keep a tight rein on Rowan Vine, he's been bangin them in lately and is right on form. I agree with the rest of the Team.


Would like to see a 4-0 win with Osman, Davies, Beattie, and Annichebe on the scoresheet. But if we have to bring on AJ to score a late 1-0 win, i'll settle for that. :)

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i think a 4 nil win, Cahill and maybe OG in first half, and i think maybe Jimmy mac and Archie to get a further 2 in the second!


This post has been edited by Licker: Today, 10:05 PM


What's the story here^?


Good stuff though...comfortable win in a dangerous game, clean sheet for Turner, goals for Vic and Faddy and a run out for Hughes...excellent result.

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"" What's the story here^?""




Matt edited his post as soon as the game finished, i thought i would go along with it and Edited his Edit (Which showed the time of his edit). I just cleared it off, but of course it shows my edit, so it was a failed attempt to have a bit of fun.


Does all that make sense. :blink::blink:

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It was a great game and we were the better team thoughout


They never really troubled us and as always AJ looked good, Arteta and Cahill were class, weir and stubbs dependable


Davies did very well at right back and I almost forgot about Carsley who does a great role


The future looks bright also, Mark Hughes won everything in the air and looked comfortable on the ball also and we all know about BIG VIC


A great game to take me daughter to and in the end it could have been 6-7 very very easily considering we missed a pen, Arteta hit the woodwork, Cahill had a late header chance and we had 2 shots cleared off the line.


Lets not forget, Luton are not third div shite, they are a leage below us yes, but a team near the top who are in confident form. I think we all feared this type of potential banana skin


Great result and a great night out with a fish & chips dinner for starters YUM YUM YUM


Reporting from Goodison park, over and out

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Yeah nice one Zed, i never got to the game, was listening to the game on Everton site, and barry horne gave MAN OF THE MATCH to Arteta, but said it could have gone to any of the team, gave special mention to cahill, lescott, Johnson, and Davies for fullback performance.

Good football played, and should have been 7 or 8 like you said.

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Nice report Zed. Just watched the highlights on EvertonTV...impressive stuff against (as lots of people have said) a potentially dangerous team, could easily have been a few more. Good goals too, beautiful short passes for the third and Vic's was a cracker! DM's obviously taking the competition seriously this season...unusual for us to still be in it this time of year!!

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does anyone know any links for highlights? cause i cudnt afford to go last nite, well i could afford the ticket but no beer or food, and i would have had to work there and back.


Call yourself a scouser??


I went with 87p and my brother had £4.38 and we made the lads have a whip around for our half time tipple :D


Having said that half the Gwladys street owes me a pint anyway!

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