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Tim Cahill's Car


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its not his, according to the tabloids he bought it for his missus before the world cup.


cost £800,000 to buy, but cost £5m to build.


this is the greatest car we will ever see, only sold as an experiment, money no object, just see how far we can push the boundarys. id give both my legs for one of these things (id drive it with hand controls before someone comments)

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Cars never been my thing, cant see the point of a 1mil car, but fair enough to him if that what he want to spend his cash on, if you can aford it why not


(apart from all the poverty stricken kids who cant get any weetbix from breaky)

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fucking hell!! the registration is TC 1 i've seen it on my first morning of Uni and i thought "heh a veyron not bad probably a rented though!" would have taken a photo but it kinda was travelling to fast.


1000 horsepower top speed 252 MILES per hour!

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That's one ugly piece of shit IMHO....are there only two in the country because no-one else wants to buy it? Poor choice TC..WTF is it anyway?


Maybe it's an age thing Mike, but I wouldn't run Frenchmen over with that POS. I am sure the engine is super duper and the rarity value is sky high, but it looks like the driver would have the smallest dick in the world. That's why I drive a Smart Car. ;)





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Far cry from Tommy G's set of Wheels.


Anyone recall it?


A tiny white Fiat that had 1 Blue door..>Serious like.


Bet it got driven in to the Mersey @ the big transfer - Or perhaps Tommy is lapping around Madreeed in it as we speak - Had this vison of ZIdane , Bex & the boys seeing Tommy turn up 2 training in his Mr Bean 1 blue doored special)....... :)

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That would mean both of the only 2 in the UK are in Liverpool because my bosses wife knows the guy who was driving it today!


there will be more than 2 in the uk, they were all made to order, it wasnt like there was only gunna be say 5 ever made.


when the storey of TC buying one was in the papers there was pictures of both TC and mrsTC geetting out of them.


and who in the right mind would lend someone that kind of motor?

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