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No Move For Howard


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The subject of Tim Howard becoming a permanent addition to the Everton ranks when his loan expires is something David Moyes has not yet explored.


The Goodison chief has been delighted with the impact of the USA international since his arrival from Manchester United in the summer.


And with the Old Trafford club drafting in Hungarian Tomasz Kuszczak as cover for Edwin van der Sar, there has been widespread media speculation Howard's move to Goodison could become a permanent one.


However, it is something the Everton chief is not looking at yet.


He explains: "We've not even gone near it at the moment. We've got him for the season.


"We've been pleased with him and we've been pleased with the defenders in general.


"I wanted to get back to clean sheets and they produced against Sheffield United and Luton."



Get the fuck on with it Davy!!!!!

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hes got the guy for the whole season, he doesnt want to rush in straight away a he has the chance to see all of his ability. if we sign him in jan and he starts playing shite then we'll all be on his back, but if he keeps this form up then we better try to keep the guy come the end of the season

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I have said before i cant see the mancs letting him go,it was a win/win for them,if he bombed it didnt trouble thier title push but now he looks the part van der sar is getting on so i'll be surprised if he comes to us permanetly

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Even though he has said not thought about making the deal perm would have thought that he would have asked the question when he was brought in on loan. There might already be something in place which is why he doesn't need to expore it.


However don't think the deal will happen I agree withFozzie its a win win for UTD.

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Anyone remember an Interview with Neville not so long ago where he let slip that Everton was becoming part if Tim?


He said something along the lines of,


"when you look into this club from the outside it looks like a big family but once you get inside you realise that Everton gets under your skin and Tim is experiencing that and becoming part of Everton football club"


Weather the mancs want him back to sit on the bench or not does anyone think he will actually want to leave after becomming a bit of a hero already in his first season?? We all know the grip this club gets over you especially when things are going well and there have been so many ex-players to say the same thing or choose to never actually break their ties with Everton regardless of their alligence when they came. I dont know If Tim is going to be in a position to just walk away especially if we go the distance in a cup or qualify for Europe come May.


Lets not forget here either he has still to experience Manure & Chelski at Goodison and the final run in with his new family I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about those final months of 2004 when Europe was within our grasp.


It will take a big man to choose the manc bench over becoming a legend at Goodison! B)

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Agreed...and would he even be on the bench at United? Van de Saar is only just thirty-six and 'keepers can keep going for a few years after that at peak form as we all know. Kuszczak is twenty-four so presumably a long term option for them and Foster is only twenty-three and the 'keeper the press and pundits are creaming their pants over at the moment...so there's no way he'll be allowed to leave. I'd have thought that leaves Tim at four in the United pecking order which surely he'd walk away from...more to the point, surely United would let him.

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