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Well That's A Relief!


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Agreed, I put my email on Oztips so got in touch with a couple of people during the blackout but a backup would be good.


Incidentally for some reason I can still only access TT from my laptop...my PC is still telling me the site is down so it could be that not everyone can get back on yet :( .

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I can only get in through BTBB, try through my TT Favorites link and it keeps telling me the site is down. At least I can get on now.


Same prob Mac...delete it from your faves then log on through BBTB (which is looking a bit sick itself) and put back in faves and it should be OK.


Strangely the favourites link on my laptop still works fine :unsure: .


(could be that people are trying to log on through their Favourites and havn't tried BBTB...would it be an idea for someone to PM the main suspects who are still missing?)

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We need to sort a Back up Contact network with each other or sumfin.



Are we gonna do this this time? Just needs a point of contact I'd have thought..someone holding a list of email addresses of anyone who wants to be included (sent by PM if you don't want addy generally known). Probably should be a mod or admin I'd have thought but I'll do it if no-one else can be arsed.

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Wasnt long between drinks this crash was it.


Yes, we deffo need's some emergency measures in place,


Likin ure Idea Mike.


Also could knock up a small uno 1 page dodgey cheapo ( free) alternate board for such disasters.


You no a simple board , sow e can @ least communicate & pass on info etc.


This could be displayed to all mebers reg's etc & would simply mean caching another link whilst givng us an alternate place that would then all no about .


We could then go to it to communicate, uno short term etc Whilst the technical folks try to reset the panic button.


Just a thought am open to feedback of course ?


Wouldnt happen this week, as im of to the fuking Gabba in 1 hr (wooohoooo) & will be shiote faced till @ least sunday..LOL

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Fook me , my TT has been up and down more times than a brides knickers on her wedding night of late but glad its finally re-appeared .


Was something to do with this internet crash thing because so many dirty bar-stewards were trying to download the new '' Brittany Spears X rated '' clip was it ????????????? :lol:

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