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I watched that dirty cheating ladyboy from portugal blatently dive on two occasions during their match with boro on Saturday, and I only caught the first half...


So, if you had the power what would you suggest the FA did about it?


Heres my 2c worth...


Video evidence!

The FA, once notified by an opposing manager, player, the ref, whoever, should review it and dish out an immediate 3 match ban to anyone that blatently dives to gain an unfair advantage!

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i was talking to my dad today, and told him i thought a panal could review the games after, and anyone found to be diving should have a 3 match ban. if the same player is caught again, 5 match ban and 3 points docked. Ronaldo is a fucking tool. He dives all over the place, and then dives in and moans when he does get a foul given against him. Helb yesterday was just asbad, and the red shit? my god they are aweful for it. stevie DNA gerrard is the worst! yet when AJ gets accused by managers from teams WHOS OWN PLAYERS DO IT, really fucks me off. really does.


AJ Dont dive, sort ur own houses out first eh?

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Hows this for a Porky Parry type hypothesis.


Once a year we have a 4 match Amnesty..Where as the thugs can kick the absolute fuker out of the primadonnas & divers.


Cple seasons of that & diving is a thing of the past.


So to are techinical skillfull players...But hey I want Football back...!!!

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Apparantly Andy Gray said on 'the last word' that its good for the game, its bring contraversy, in other words, saying it is acceptable for that portugese tranny to fall over likes hes been knee capped. I dont know how true that is, a red mate told me, you know what there like... :D


As for diving I think its a disgrace, grown athletic men go down quicker then Jordon and dont feel ashamed of themselves.


If there is contact I think a player has every right to go down, but to run into a leg or jump and role 10 times without gettin touched, then getting up to take the free kick is pathetic.

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But what IS a blatent dive? Ok, you can count Ronaldo's and Robbens' dive when hit by a shadow as blatent dives but what about the one when Rosicky went down on the Chimbonda tackle. He flung himself to the ground when there wasnt much contact.

What about some 'dives', where there IS contact, but minimal and not enough to actually pull the player to the ground.


My point is, that there is a major grey area to consider. A 'dive' to someone is a 'his pace on the ball made him lose balance when touched, fall'.


Dont see this happening unfortunately coz its almost impossible to define 'a dive'

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Xav, I think you have hit the nail on the haed there mate. The continental players have brought a special and wonderful gift to our game, but also this cheating.


I think the main problem is with referee's and a lack of direction within the rules which govern our game.


There is a need for clarification and definition. As long as we have moderate refs and harsh refs we will never come to a satisfactory conclusion.





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His momentum made him fall over ;)



Mac, imo, there is a reason for a ref being moderate and the other one harsh. Thats because opinions differ. A harmless elbow to Graeme Poll could be a malicious 'never intended to go for the ball' elbow to Rennie. Van Der Meyde incident in the derby last year is one such case. So its absolutely impossible to name a standard rule for a 'dive'


There is no right or wrong. Just how the referee interprets it in that 2 second grace period that he has, in view of 40000 people in the stands and thousands more watching from home, that matters.


I really feel sorry for those referees sometimes. The media has a major part to play here. A minor mistake by a ref gets magnified to such an extent. So i can see what could happen if a player gets sent off for a dive, when he was actually brought down. Ref's are easy targets for people to vent their frustration out on.


I have no idea on how to solve the problem of diving.

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