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Concerts Youve Been To


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10 CC

Gerry & Pacemakers

Swinging Bluejeans

Billy J Kramer, and a host of others too numerous to mention.


You dont know what you missed, i would'nt be arsed getting out of my Armchair for the rubbish thats doing the rounds today. :D

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Many over the years & plenty over here. But mostly Been doing the festivals here last few yrs & seen heaps of decent acts.


The BDO ( Big Day Out) has become an annual rock mission 4 me n Vick.


This yr headlined by fave noise dislection "Tool" & I cant wait...!!!


[( also looking forward to Muse, Viilent Femmes, The Killers & Evermore) My Chem romance, kasabian & a few others on line up list as well but not such my thing]


Last years personal higlights were Iggy & The stooges, White Stripes, Wolfmother,Franz F & The Beasts of Bourbon.


costs what $120 ( 40 Quidish) think we paid last year & abso value for $$$ & goes like 12-14 hrs.


A very Big Day Out.


Great concerts of past Ive seen inc:


Iron Maiden -

Saxon -

Stones -

Quo - (All above in there day- well maybe not stones -always been old)

Mudhoney -

Soundgarden -

Suprisngly - (Dragged alkong by a woman Pearl Jam & put on a hell of a show)

Big audio dynamite (was a Clash pilgrimage)


P.s saw Nirvana @ Reading yrs back before fame & they suked live..!!!

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Had this thread before so I'll be lazy and quote myself...


Too many to remember over thirty odd years starting with..


:D Dr Feelgood and

Slade in the mid seventies


..some of the highlights..


Eric Clapton

Muddy Waters

Elton John

Black Sabbath

Neil Young

Peter Frampton

Thin Lizzy

Paul McCartney

Billy Bragg

Chris Rea

John Martyn


Mike Oldfield :P


and Live Aid in 1985


...plus a smaller band a week for years..eg..Camel, Caravan, Man, Renaissance, FBI, Rainbow, Iron Maiden and Saxon (when they were small), Duster Bennett, Dean Friedman, The Enid, Curved Air, Wishbone Ash, Colloseum II, Greenslade, The Troggs, Back Street Crawler, Bad Company, Mott the Hoople and on and on ad infinitum B) .


Oh, and Reading festival in the seventies...from Sham 69 to Spirit, Patti Smith...minds gone blank..but Reading was like that in the seventies...oh yeah..Aerosmith.

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Yeh the best ones usaually cant remember.


It may seem odd to the younger peeps the amount we did as younger folk.


But we had no MTv,ipods, mp3's Video hits n whatever.


The live scene was it & only it.


Would love to have seen Rainbow in that era mike.


My 1 regret in life is never seeing Bon Scott live.

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Rainbow at Hammersmith Odeon Pat, supported for that gig only by a Guildford band called House..a couple of who were mates of mine...really memorable day...until it went out of focus :D !


And can't believe I forgot AC/DC, Guildford Civic Hall, late seventies.

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Luckily being a guy I am in no danger of the hand in jeans thing :D Unfortunately, being I dunno 5 ft 8/9 maybe, fat people seem to like standing in front of me at concerts grrrrr! They seem to be everywhere I will watch a support band and think wow I have an OK spot here then just before the main band comes on pow! Like magic they appear.

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We all left Glitter of our lists....... ;)


Funny enough last week I was at the electrical store (Laines of Cheddar) that shopped the twit when they were doing some work on his computer and found...well, you know what they found. It's a Tescos Extra now, though Laines still runs from a building round the back. If it hadn't been a Sunday I'd have gone in and shaken someones hand!

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