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Didn't Wimbledon have an away kit of a dark green a few years back?

From what I remember it didn't look to bad!!


In fact if on bumping into members of the crazy gang ie Vinnie and

fash,and if asked what I thought to the kit!.....I would have answered

very,very nice!!

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All I can see on NSNO is a thread that someone started with the question..


Anyone heard a rumour about a green away kit next season?


Nobody has answered "yes" so it's not even a rumour, just someone asking if there's a rumour.


Believe it when I see it...mind you I said the same about this seasons away shirt about a year ago so what do I know :rolleyes: ?

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no way. its gotta be either white or yellow like they usually there. apparently they say its a new sponser for next season. whats the likelyhood its tesco



The big rumour about the new sponsors is Royal Bank of Scotland ..... Tesco's bankers , deal brokered by Terry leahy , tesco's evertonian boss , with the deal involving interest free loans ? I'm sure i've read something about this on here as well ?

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I havent got a problem with green, as someone on here said we'll only wear it about 4 times anyway. And better than that salmon one (which was embarrasing) I know it was meant to be some sort of variation on a very old kit but any hint of a red tinge shouldnt have been considered.


WHY dont we go back to the AMBER of 69/70???? Now that was nice.

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