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Can't find it in me to laugh at Leeds!.....What has happened to them could

happen to all but perhaps the few clubs with mega Bucks$$.


Once the slide starts and panic sets in it must take a cool head and a

bit of luck to halt it.


We nearly slipped out of the prem,through bad management and

circumstsnces a few seasons ago!Should be a few years before we

ever end up like that again!


BUT you never know....look at Newcastle this season.A few more bad

results and even mor injur problems could have seen them down there

fighting it out.


Enjoy being what we are at the moment....ie probably the best team outside

the BIG MONEY 4!!.........but never take it for granted.


THERE BUT FOR THE GRACE OF GOD GO I !!..........Well it is Sunday!!

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Made up


And even more made up that they will be going into administration and loosing points


The longer the better without teams like them singing all their "YORKSHIRE YORKSHIRE" bollocks the better, that goes for milwall and birmingham too

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Leeds need to win their next game 10-0 to go above Hull on goal difference, not going to happen though :D


Hull seemingly have a good team, Ray Parlour, Judas Barmby, Sam Ricketts and Boaz Myhill. I dont understand how they are so low.


Im not a fan of Birmingham, when they are in top flight they have a lot of potential. I seme to remember David Dunn knocking us back for that reason.

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They had to know they were going down regardless, so it's smart of them to do it right away and take the penalty now instead of putting it off. 22nd or 24th this year doesn't make any difference, but 10 points next year could've been huge.

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I dont know the Exact details of ROTHERHAMS problems last year but they went into Administration and got relegated, but also carried a ten point deficet into this season and have been relegated again because of those ten points.

Doesnt seem fair that another club going into administration can wangle it to their advantage. The way i see it is...... whats good for the goose is good for the gander, Wonder if Rotherham can appeal. ??


Is this another case of the FA looking after the bigger clubs, and doing fook all for the little clubs.

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Rotherham got relegated from the Championship at the end of the 2004-05 season, and they were not in administration at the time - that was just a straight-up relegation. It was in the middle of the 2005-06 season that they announced they were having financial problems. Quoting from Wikipedia:


"Early in 2006 it was announced that the club faced an uncertain future unless a funding gap in the region of £140,000 per month could be plugged. The problem was compounded as Rotherham do not own their ground (Ken Booth took ownership of Millmoor in return for clearing £3m of debt), and have no tangible assets - as a result administration would not be a viable option for them, as it has been for other clubs. This led to the launch of a "Save Our Millers" campaign, aiming to raise the £1m needed to complete the season. It was also estimated that another £1m was required to complete work on the new stand.


Rotherham's South Yorkshire neighbours all offered their support. Sheffield United paid the wages of Stephen Quinn and Jonathan Forte during their successful loan spells at Millmoor, and also donated profits from the beam-back of the Sheffield derby on February 18 to Save The Millers. Many local clubs also held collections.


An eleventh hour intervention by a consortium of local businessmen offering substantial investment and a new business plan averted a possible dissolution of the club. Dennis Coleman took over as Rotherham United chairman, and made an immediate positive impact.


The final match of the 2005-06 season, home to MK Dons, was a winner-take-all relegation showdown. A scoreless draw, combined with a Hartlepool United draw with Port Vale, kept Rotherham up and consigned both MK Dons and Hartlepool to the drop. However, Rotherham were to start the following season with a penalty of minus 10 points as a result of their recent financial troubles."


Doesn't sound like any sort of pro-Leeds/anti-Rotherham favoritism going on there to me; if anything it sounds like people went out of their way to help Rotherham (I wonder if the Blades would've been so generous about paying a Leeds player's wages?).

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Doesn't sound like any sort of pro-Leeds/anti-Rotherham favoritism going on there to me; if anything it sounds like people went out of their way to help Rotherham (I wonder if the Blades would've been so generous about paying a Leeds player's wages?).




No maybe not, but what have the FA done to help these struggling clubs.


Every one of the football league Clubs are members of the Football Association, and as such the Association should extend a helping hand to one and all, but instead they penalise them with a deficet of 10 points which inevitably sees them relegated again (rotherham) and causes the problems to Gain speed on a Downward spiral.


Dont think the FA realise that Rotherham and the likes of Scarborough are just as important to football as Man utd and Chelsea, Because if in 25 years time there is only the Top four clubs left in the leagues there will be no Football Association.


According to the NEWS recently, the teams in the prem will receive £60 (sixty) MILLION POUNDS TV MONEY next season. :o

The three teams being relegated to the Championship with receive umbrella payments of £20 million for each of the next two seasons. 40 million each because they have been relegated. :o:o Does that seem fair to you, when teams in the other leagues are getting Nothing, and some have been members and founder members for more than a century.



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I agree with you, but don't forget that in the pre-EPL days the Football League practiced fair distribution of revenue among all of its 92 clubs; the top clubs (including Everton) broke away and founded the Premiership in part because they felt entitled to keep more of that money for themselves, and they did it with the FA's backing and blessing. The FA sure didn't side with the little guys then, so why would you expect them to now?


Funny thing to me as a Yank though is that you could pretty much substitute "NCAA," "NBA," or "MLB" for "FA" and you would be echoing the same complaints that we constantly make about our sanctioning bodies over here (especially the NCAA)...that they care more about the big market glamour teams like the New York Yankees or Ohio State who line the association's coffers every year than they do about about the plight of the rank-and-file. There was an old joke twenty years ago about Kentucky basketball (one of the NCAA's glamour teams) and Cleveland State basketball (one of the Rotherhams of the NCAA) when both of them were facing sanctions for breaking NCAA rules, and the joke went that the NCAA was so mad at Kentucky that they gave Cleveland State an extra-harsh punishment.

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The main thorn in my side is that The money isnt shared out fairly, especially those payments of £40 million to the 3 clubs that have been relegated.


A ......... Because they get some TV money of their own in the Championship from ITV.

B ..........It also gives them an unfair advantage over teams striving to get promoted from that league, Vis a vee Birmingham and Sunderland coming straight back up after relegation.

C...........It would be better to share out that 120 million to the bottom 2 leagues. who dont have any income from TV money to help them Survive.


I know its always been a case in all walks of life that the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, but in the FAs case i think they should do a bit more to help their Poorer members. I believe that they are cutting their own throats, cos in fifty years time when the Football leagues are all defunct of any teams and are abandoned, we will be left with only the one Premier league, the FA itself will not survive and the premier league will be under the control of the Sky Sports TV Moguls.




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Means basicly that they are Skint and cant pay the bills, have to bring administrators in, who look at the books, the assets and the Debts, and decide wether they can carry on as a business, if not they have to sell whatever assets they can, to pay off the people who are owed money. So they are in effect Bankrupt and no longer in Business.


Bit more complex than that, but thats a rough guide. :)

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