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Pink Everton Shirt


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Apparently to celebrate 'ladies day' the club are introducing a limited edition pink shirt and will be auctioning them off to raise money for a breast cancer charity. The club shop will not be selling them, there is note in large letters on the official site saying "Please Note - We do not, and will not be stocking the limited edition Pink Everton FC shirt."




Modelled by Radio City's red-loving Giulia Bould. :o


I wonder if they will be making them available for young girls as I think many will want one for christmas?

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I'd wear one too Andy.. but I wouldn't on my own - too much of a wimp.


Apparently Sheffield United scrapped a similar pink away strip in 2000 after players said they felt uncomfortable wearing it.


dont you just love it when the "responsible" admin, messes with your posts!

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A market tester perhaps ? Surely If demand will keep available.


The C/shop sells, uno pink bibs n bonets, jumpsuits 4 lil girl's & baby's & god knows what etc, why not a further range 4 the Soccer Mom's ..LOL...I so hate that phrase.


Im all 4 it, ide rip that of my Gals' bck any time -> toffee time sweetheart :)

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So, what was the point of Ladies day, I spotted that they had ball girls and my mate had a pink top on and had big man boobs to support breast cancer


Any excuse to see Amanda Holden is a good excuse for me


I would like someone to post the Amanda holden pics pleeessse

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It's been confirmed by the club that will be for sale after Christmas, in January in time for Valentines day. It seems to be a missed opportunity not be there in time for Christmas, but the likes of Umbro and JJB will probably need more than two months notice for a new kit. When new kits are coming out before a new season, some manufacturers have the kits all designed and ready in January - five months before they are for sale.

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The following is taken from evertons web site - http://www.evertonfc.com/news/why-we-decid...think-pink.html


"We hadn't originally intended to sell them, as there are Premier League rules surrounding production and sales of replica kit, and we already have three kits on sale this season.


However, we now have permission from the Premier League to go ahead due to the huge interest we have received and shirts will be available to buy in the New Year.


A contribution from the sale of each shirt will go direct to the charity, and we thank JJB, Umbro and the Premier League for their support in getting these shirts manufactured and helping us to continue our support for Breast Cancer Campaign."

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