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  1. AlbanyNYToffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    It's a slow market so far but selling off some players by now would have been nice. It's a long list. Mirallas, Schneiderlin, Williams, Bolasie, Sandro, Galloway, Browning, Stek, Garbutt, Tarashaj at the very least. Would argue for McCarthy, Martina, Funes Mori, Niasse, Pennington as well.
  2. AlbanyNYToffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

  3. AlbanyNYToffee

    Summer Transfer Window 2018

    Have never agreed with a post more than this one. Absolutely spot on. Realistic and optimistic.
  4. AlbanyNYToffee

    Watford (Away) Saturday February 24th

    Agreed. pickford kenny Holgate jags martina davies gana rooney walcott dcl Siggy
  5. AlbanyNYToffee

    Crystal Palace (Home) Saturday February 10th

    Great work Bailey. The average position map is absolutely fascinating, thank you for posting. We can argue about Gana and Schneiderlin all day but whichever player you prefer, no one can argue they should be on the field at the same time. If we play anything but a back 4 and one holding mid for the last 11 games Sam is a bigger arse than words can describe. Stop changing shit, put your best 11 out there and may the best team win.
  6. AlbanyNYToffee

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    I hope that's not true. Competing is a choice. It's a decision made by everyone at the club. If we've accepted this what's stopping us from accepting we can't compete with any other team in the league, or world for that matter. Cowards.
  7. AlbanyNYToffee

    Crystal Palace (Home) Saturday February 10th

    Like that alot. I'd rather see DCL than Vlasic but would be thrilled if Sam picks a team close to your selection.
  8. AlbanyNYToffee

    Statistical analysis of this mess

    Glad some like it. Palfy: Schneiderlin has played without Gana three times. 0-0 tie to WBA where we also started three CBs. He also started twice with a back four. We lost 2-0 to Utd and tied WBA 1-1.
  9. Apologies in advance to those who hate numbers... This is a brief report showcasing stats under various formations concerning the much-maligned Keane, Schneiderlin and Gana. GP Pts For Against GD CS Avg pts Avg for Avg against Avg GD Total* 26 31 29 45 -16 6 1.19 1.12 1.73 -0.62 Back 3 7 5 5 17 -12 2 0.71 0.71 2.43 -1.71 Gana & Sch 14 16 14 25 -11 3 1.14 1.00 1.79 -0.79 Just Sch** 3 2 1 3 -2 1 0.67 0.33 1.00 -0.67 Just Gana 9 13 14 17 -3 2 1.44 1.56 1.89 -0.33 Keane 17 14 15 35 -20 3 0.82 0.88 2.06 -1.18 Back 3 w/ Keane 7 5 5 17 -12 2 0.71 0.71 2.43 -1.71 Back 3 w/ Gana and Sch 4 4 3 11 -8 1 1.00 0.75 2.75 -2.00 Gana in Back 4 7 12 12 10 2 2 1.71 1.71 1.43 0.29 *Starting lineup **Just Sch has 3 games - two of which the opponent was West Brom (H and A) These numbers don't tell the whole story...of course. But it's a decent representation given the sample size. I'll update this periodically with only 12 games left. A few of our general observations are confirmed: Any Back 3 that includes Keane, Gana and Schneiderlin turn off the tele or leave the stadium immediately. Keane is a disaster. Interesting it seems a back 4 with Gana and another supporting mid (Davies/Rooney) appears to work...better.
  10. AlbanyNYToffee

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Whatever credit he gets for keeping Sunderland and palace up is completely undone by the state of the club when he leaves. Both total shambles. Hodgson trying to save palace, Sunderland couldn’t find a solution. Instilling a belief that 40 pts is good enough is despicable. Get out now before our next manager can’t fix this mess. It would take Jesus reincarnated at this point.
  11. AlbanyNYToffee

    Arsenal (Away) Saturday February 3rd

    Fuck right off Sam
  12. AlbanyNYToffee

    Arsenal (Away) Saturday February 3rd

    Sam is incapable of ‘going for it’. It’s not his nature and that rubs off on the players. I would love us to start an attacking side but they won’t attack. It would be foolish. Coleman can’t play two games so quickly and Davies put in a real shift he needs a breather. I would love for them to play but it wouldn’t be smart. pickford kenny Holgate Keane cuco gana rooney Beni walcott tosun dcl
  13. AlbanyNYToffee

    January Transfer Window

    IN: Tosun WalcottOUT: Barkley GJones LWalsh LennonLOAN IN: MangalaLOAN OUT: Robinson(ext.), Mirallas, Charsley, Mathis, Sandro, Besic, L Gray, LookmanYOUTH:
  14. AlbanyNYToffee

    Goodbye To The Gravy Guzzler

    Get him out now. Playing Seamus for the full 90 and his comments on Lookman are simply gross negligence. Remarkable he has put those two in these situations.
  15. AlbanyNYToffee

    Leicester City (Home) Wednesday January 31st

    Yes. He gives maximum effort and cares about the result. In the last 10 minutes you need commitment to get a result not a prissy schmuck.