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  1. Completely agree and would add full credit to Walcott. Always been a critic of his but he played well. Happy to be wrong yesterday, hopefully he can keep some sort of form.
  2. Pickford Sidibe Keane Mina Digne Delph Gomes Bernard Iwobi Walcott DCL For the record I strongly dislike Walcott as a player. I just don't see how Gylfi and Richarlison deserve to start.
  3. Moise Kean was a statement signing for us no doubt. However that doesn't mean we should be relying on him this season to be our 'savior'. PSG and Chelsea are the only teams having any real success with young strikers and in PSG's case that's because his name is Kylian Mbappe and in Chelsea's case it's basically down to the transfer ban and Giroud's advanced age. Without the ban I think they sign an established striker. We had a great window yes, but you win games by scoring goals. We don't have the talent, at least on current form, to create enough goals, I personally don't place all of that on Marco's shoulders.
  4. Had nearly two weeks to really think about this. It's not a clear cut choice. A large part of me recognizes Marco has yet to field the starting XI he would like to with Gbamin, Delph and Gomes all missing significant time. Sure that sounds like an excuse but facts are facts, they're constant in/out of the lineup has unsettled the middle of the pitch. Can we afford to wait until they get a run of games together to make a decision? Ultimately I've reached the following conclusion. If Everton does not win it's final 3 matches in October I'd like a new manager. ...At the very least i'd hope to never have to see Schneiderlin's name on the team sheet again.
  5. Removed the bigger names - Allegri, Poch, Enrique, Blanc, Wenger. Curious what folks think.
  6. Part of being a football fan, especially a Blue, is learning to celebrate the highs for as long as possible and forget the lows as soon as possible. I'm sorry but this just fucking sucks. We had so much momentum coming into the season, a pretty good transfer window and an easy set of fixtures to start. Add to that 3rd/4th (Champs League) is more open this year than it has been in the last 3 years and it's the perfect storm of hope, optimism and faith. Well fuck me Everton has done it to me, to us, again. I feel stupid, ashamed, embarrassed all of it but I also love this club so I'm not going anywhere...
  7. Pickford seamus keane mina digne delph gomes richarlison iwobi Bernard dcl
  8. Mostly encouraged but why can’t we play like that against the relegation candidates? Impressed by Mina more than anyone. Been calling for the Schneiderlin ax for years but today was an unfortunate reminder he’s still better than Davies. Davies was a headless chicken when he came on and that’s being kind. Swap the keepers and I think we win that game 2-1. DCL is not the predatory striker that Kean is but right now he gives us a better chance to win games. This game cemented my thoughts on Keane. Seems a great lad but same issues over and over again. I doubt he will ever be good enough for where we aspire to be.
  9. Don’t want Marco out yet but whenever it happens the only two i’d want to see are Arteta or Howe.
  10. Agreed. No doubt the Bournemouth match wasn't the scoreline we needed but I'm not going to crush Marco over it. DCL was a sensible selection as I'm sure he was willing to cede possession to Bournemouth at home and catch their slow back 4 on the counter. Absolutely no way he could have predicted Eddie to pick that team. Fair play to Eddie for throwing a curveball at us. If Schneiderlin starts at home against Sheffield United I'll lose my f***ing mind. Pickford Coleman Keane Mina Digne Delph Gomes/Davies Richarlison Gylfi Iwobi Kean
  11. Yea you guys are not alone. Always believed in his importance - despite some dips in form here and there.
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