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  1. This about right? Heavily linked: Ancelotti, Emery, moyes Reportedly out: Poch, Rafa, kovac, marcelino, Gallardo, v pereira Quiet: Arteta, Howe, Dyche, Wilder, Ten Hag, Jardim
  2. Agree completely. Dunc should have as long as it takes to get the best candidate - or the results are back to unbearable. Moyes and others who are ‘relegation-savers’ will be there whenever we need them why rush to appoint one of them. Let’s see what Dunc’s got and hopefully in January one of our top targets agrees to manage and he and Brands can get a player or two in during January window.
  3. Lossl who cares human with pulse Mina Digne Walcott Shiterlin Davies Bernard Richarlison DCL Fuck this. We don’t have a second CB and I have to put my two least favorite players (Walcott and Schneiderlin) in the team. Even relegation is better than the Allardyce days but damn right now is close.
  4. On a team with a multitude of issues to me the biggest one remains CB. We’re a nothing team until we find our rock to pair with Mina. Holgate was dreadful yesterday and Keane just doesn’t have it.
  5. Can we just leave him in the dressing room? Someone else will have to sort that out when the match starts. Hopefully Sir Alex is in the stands.
  6. The last minute of this is fantastic analysis. Jamie Carragher knows more about the club than the board. Which isn’t helping any of us feel better. We need a fighter.
  7. Absolutely! At some point we need to look in the mirror and ask much more difficult questions than who should our manager be. Martinez is a good manager. Koeman is a good manager. I'm still saying Silva is a good manager. They all should have been successful here. We have failed as a club and we're using the stadium as some sort of golden nugget. Think you're disappointed now? Wait until we watch this shite on the banks of the Mersey. At the end of the day who are we...what is our identity? What do we want our identity to be? Does the answer to either of those questions mesh with our ambitions? Identity and ambition are two separate things.
  8. I'm dumb as rocks so heart is all i've got - Arteta/Cahill would be a dream come true.
  9. Brilliant post. No doubt we are where we are because we don't have anyone on form as a 9 or 10 this year. You won't win a lot of games without those two positions contributing to the team.
  10. Been on the Howe bandwagon longer than most, and like Arteta also. Also don't hate the Moyes idea but only until the end of the season (especially if it means Tim Cahill on the coaching staff). Just think it's exceptionally difficult for a club like ours to get a qualified manager midseason. All that being said I'm going to completely contradict myself - made up my mind last night - we should be going full bore for Nuno Espirito Santo.
  11. Agreed on having the ball but Davies isn't the guy I want as last man back for Norwich counters. Hate to say it but that's Schneiderlin's (ONLY) strength. Morgan for Iwobi, like the rest. No way they should be risked this close to the festive fixtures. Give them 7 more days to get it together before 9 games in 31 days.
  12. Couldn't find the old Gueye thread so just leaving this here. Caught some live bits of them beating Lille and was curious what sort of impact he's had at PSG. Here's what it looks like: PSG competitive games before today: 17 with a record of 14-0-3 Gueye started 11. Didn't appear in other 6. Record in 11 he started: 10-0-1 with 9 clean sheets (including the first 8 games he started) Record in 6 he didn't: 4-0-2 with 3 clean sheets. Miss watching him his work rate and ability to break up play.
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