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  1. "If Everton were a boxer, we’d be talking about their footwork rather than their raw punching power, and that’s a sign of improving health." That line is absolute gold. We'll meet our top 4 and trophy goals as our proverbial footwork improves. We can't really on punching power to be successful which is what we tried to do up until Brands' showed up and had a brilliant summer.
  2. This summer is going to be fascinating! From an outgoing perspective what is realistic for Marcel? Out of contract: Jags, Baines, Ashley Williams?, Callum Connolly?, Kieran Dowell?, M Hewelt? Returning to parent clubs: Gomes, Zouma Dead wood: Schneiderlin, Pennington, Bolasie, Sandro, Cuco, Niasse, Garbutt, Mirallas, Tarashaj Real question marks: Stek, Walcott, Tosun, McCarthy, Besic, Vlasic, J Williams, Beni If you remove out of contract, returning to parent clubs and dead wood you are left with: GK: Pickford, Stek, J Virginia LB: Digne, A Robinson CB: Keane, Mina, Holgate RB: Coleman, Kenny CM: Gana, Davies, McCarthy, Besic, J Williams, Beni W: Richarlison, Bernard, Walcott, Lookman, Onyekuru AM: Siggy, Vlasic, Dowell ST: DCL, Tosun
  3. Sort of off-topic but perhaps Walsh wasn't that bad? Good Gana, Lookman, DCL, Pickford, Keane, Gylfi, Vlasic, Rooney Indifferent Stek, Valencia, Mangala, Martina, Walcott, Tosun Bad Williams, Schneiderlin, Bolasie, Klaassen I said Vlasic good because we're going to sell him for more than we bought him for. Walcott and Tosun indifferent because we can probably get back a decent chunk of the transfer fees in transfers and they have played well enough to justify the difference. And i really don't like Walcott.
  4. Life changing. That was absolutely the most amazing sporting experience of my life. As a stateside fan I chose Everton because Tim Cahill embodied everything I want in a footballer and the club was known for its familial atmosphere. Having been a fan for 10+ years now of course I was concerned that the experience/club wouldn't live up to the expectations created in my head all these years. Live up to expectations? This experience confirmed everything I was hoping for and then some. Just a spectacular day I will never ever forget. Thank you to all the fans on this forum, and the entire fan base, for your commitment and passion to the club and your unwavering commitment to the ideals this club was founded on over 140 years ago. I have a deep appreciation for you and all of your family members from prior generations for making the club what it is today. If we don't win another trophy in my lifetime I will die a happy man because this club represents more than wins and losses. The identity of Everton Football Club is its most valuable asset. Always has been and hopefully always will be. I will be back to say goodbye before the move to the docks.
  5. Thank you Wiggy! We'll be walking to the game from city centre, hitting every pub on the way - especially the Winslow. Appreciate the heads up on getting to seats 30 mins ahead of time.
  6. Dan Meis also heading up a project here in the states. New stadium for MLS. This could be further evidence of what to expect - on a grander scale of course. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/04/04/fc-cincinnati-release-new-renderings-west-end-stadium
  7. Also find his quote on top 6 underplayed players very interesting. Sounds like we should expect 1 or 2 from those clubs to come here. Quick somebody make a list of all top 6 first team players aged 20-25 who could use more playing time. Oh wait, i'll do it - here it is for speculation: City: G Jesus, Zinchenko, Foden (Danilo-27) Utd: Bailly, A Pereira, Dalot, McTominay Arsenal: Maitland-Niles, Holding, Iwobi, Mavropanos Chelsea: Loftus-Cheek, Christensen, Emerson, Ampadu, Zouma, Bakayoko, Kenedy, Abraham, Batshuayi, Hudson-Odoi (never going to happen) Spurs: Winks, Dier, Walker-Peters, Foyth
  8. It's finally here. Maiden voyage to Goodison. Any must do's before or after the match?
  9. Three reasons all with varying degrees of validity Gomes has been off the pace recently. Generally speaking, I like Tom away and Gomes at home. Davies provides a little more defensive cover which tends to help away from home. Lastly, Davies is our player. It's basically April and we don't have much to play for - until we're certain we will be buying Gomes he shouldn't play. Brands and Silva must have seen enough by now to know. We need to develop what we have. Feel similarly with Mina and Zouma - though Mina isn'tt fit right now.
  10. Mina injured. Digne Gomes Jags fit. Pickford Coleman Keane Zouma Digne Gana Davies Bernard Siggy Richarlison DCL
  11. Only season ticket holders can resell through stubhub. When i bought them through Everton I was under the assumption i could just sell them back on stubhub like we always do here in the states haha. Oh well. Maybe someone on here wants them, i'll sell them outside the stadium or just eat the cost.
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