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  1. Needs for 2018/19

    Hope this thread provides some hope from now until mid-May when the World Cup and summer transfer window kick in. WE HAVE A LOT OF NEEDS. GK: Pickford, Stek RB: Coleman, Kenny, Martina, Connolly CB: Keane, Williams, Jags, Mori, Holgate, Pennington, Browning LB: Baines, Garbutt, Galloway, Robinson CM: Schneiderlin, Gueye, McCarthy, Besic, Davies, Baningime, Charsley, J Williams W: Vlasic, Bolasie, Lookman, Mirallas, Onyekuru AM: Sigurdsson, Klaassen, Rooney, Dowell, Tarashaj ST: Tosun, DCL, Sandro, Niasse Robles and Lennon out of contract ATM only Pickford and Siggy good enough. Coleman and Bolasie coming back to full fitness. I'm a Gana fan but many are not. No clue on Cenk yet. As of today - CB, LB, W, ST are a mess. Yikes. Who has some solutions? Who should go? Manager?
  2. Even 15/16 has this beat for me. Turned on the match with dread every single time.
  3. January Transfer Window

    Ben Chilwell please.
  4. Steve Walsh (Director of football)

    Walsh rejoined Leicester in 2011. They won the title in 2015-16. To me the real question is who (if anyone) do you blame for missing on Giroud? IMHO that is down to bad luck. Cannot blame Walsh...or Koeman for that matter. Giroud doesn't solve all of our problems but it certainly would have helped. The lack of a quality forward compounds other problems with the squad. My point is I'm not hanging Walsh out to dry yet. Since Walsh arrived: IN: Gueye 7.1, Williams 9.0, Bolasie 22.5, DCL 1.5, Lookman 7.5, Schneiderlin 20, Klaassen 23.6, Onyekuru 6.8, Pickford 25, Keane 25, Sandro 5.2, Siggy 40, Rooney 0, Vlasic undis., Tosun 27 OUT: Stones 47.5, Gibson/Ovideo 7.5, Cleverley 8, Deulofeu 10.6, Rom 75, Barry 1, Barkley 15 The only complete disaster in that lot is Klaassen and I wonder if Koeman pushed that through. We'll get every penny back on Sandro. I'll end with this and let me be clear I'm sad I believe this, it's just the football world as we know it. I firmly believe we need to stop thinking of 25 million as a great player. In 2018 spending 25 million on a player, especially from outside the premier league, might as well be a punt. If we want top four we need to be spending 40+ on every midfield and forward signing.
  5. Favorite game of the past decade

    Wanted to include that but went with beating Utd at Old Trafford instead. That is the most vivid derby in my memory as well.
  6. Every season has THE game. This season is brutal so let's reminisce. The game is remember best is against Utd 4-4. Only a draw but what a game that was. Head hit the ceiling jumping off the couch when Pienaar scored.
  7. January Transfer Window

    IN: TosunOUT: Barkley GJones LWalshLOAN IN: LOAN OUT: Robinson(ext.), Mirallas, CharsleyYOUTH:
  8. January Transfer Window

    IN: TosunOUT: Barkley GJones LWalshLOAN IN: LOAN OUT: Robinson(ext.), Mirallas YOUTH:
  9. Ross Barkley

    Same. In the minority on this one but I will miss him greatly.
  10. January Transfer Window

    IN: OUT: Barkley GJones LWalshLOAN IN: LOAN OUT: Robinson(ext.)YOUTH:
  11. Liverpool (FA Cup Away) Friday January 5th

    Pickford Kenny Holgate Jags Martina Davies Gana Rooney Lennon DCL Siggy
  12. Your favorite season

    My heart says 08-09 because Timmy was still wearing a blue shirt but 13-14 was amazing. Perfect reason why they say it's the hope that kills you.
  13. January Transfer Window

    Reminder Summer 2017. Let's see how January goes... IN: Pickford Klaassen Onyekuru Ramirez Keane Rooney Martina Sigurdsson VlasicOUT: Kone Cleverley McAleny Deulofeu Rom McGeady Duffus BarryLOAN IN: DonkorLOAN OUT: Onyekuru Galloway Browning Pennington JWilliams Dowell Robinson Grant Connolly WalshYOUTH: Markelo Mathis Bowler LGibson Adeniran
  14. Manchester United (Home) January 1st

    Pickford Holgate Williams Keane Lennon Schneiderlin Davies Baningime Bolasie Lookman DCL Two days prior selection for Bournemouth: Pickford Kenny Holgate Jags Martina Schneiderlin Davies Rooney Lennon Siggy Niasse
  15. AFC Bournemouth (Away) Saturday December 30th

    Pickford Kenny Holgate Jags Martina Davies Rooney Schneiderlin Lennon Siggy Niasse Get Schneiderlin, Davies and Lennon off around 60' so they can be used against Utd.