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  1. Truth if ever it were needed stats are bollocks.
  2. Funny Newcastle make defensive subs and score 2 we make defensive subs and loose 2 goals and blame the manager, strange Carlo did what most managers do shut up shop and waste a bit of time, this disaster is 100% down to the numptys on the pitch. How many times have we got to through this before we sort it, please make it stop Carlo.
  3. There is no reason for that even a piss poor side can keep a 2 goal lead for 2 mins. but not this lot i give up
  4. And people on here think we need a right winger
  5. I dont think Gomes is a protector of the back 4 , good going forward and has the killer ball, regards Gbamin not proven. For me buy Ake and Mings to start with and look for a holding midfield,also either Stevens or chillwell, at LB and move Digne forward on the left side, regards Marcel saying he needs a right winger you dont expect him to tell everyone what he really wants do you, if he did he would not be very good at his job.
  6. Dont tell me we are playing hope and kean, Not funny
  7. Personally i would be happy to sell Pickford, and sign Ryan from Brighton and pocket the change.
  8. I would like Mings or Ake or both not sold on Mooy good player but not me, I like Stevens at sheff utd move Digne forward on the left. We still badly need a goal scorer. Who that would be ive no idea.
  9. You obviously need some kind of rational to accept what happened last Sunday, where i just accept that it was one of the worst days in our history. As for more clinical in front of goal same said for any sport, if i had sunk those 3 putts on saturday i would not have lost to a 20 handicapper, its bollocks we did not take our chancres and we very rarely do. You make all the excuses and comparisons you like, the outcome is the same.
  10. No logic in your post i think, kids is kids, only one first player played in that game, kids ran us riot and kids deserved to win. You seam to want to make a distinction between which set of kids and ignore the fact that our first team was beaten by kids.
  11. Milner lasted 10 mins, Mane never played no one is mocking Liverpool, All the mocking is against us not even competing with there kids, when Villa destroyed them.
  12. Davis Delph can and have played better, Schneiderlin has not played well since the day he arrived nor did he play well at utd. As for Gomes we should build a team around him,apart from the odd game he has been a shinning light, and the only footballer in our side. You seam to be making excuses for every one of the people who are responsible for the position we are in.
  13. Funny you say that when Tim Cahill signed for us, he said at the time everyone told him not to join the club was bad news.
  14. He could have played Keane (not great i know) at the back put Holgate and Davis in CM,at least they can go above walking pace. He could have played Bearnard to keep the full backs busy, he could have played Delph for a bit of steel. There were lots of choices. And although this was one game to him, its piss take and humiliation for the next 20 years from my all red supporting family and friends. Carlo will have forgotten this happen before he finishes his breakfast this morning. I appreciate everyone will say oh its just a one off we will improve, we will never be allowed to forget. And yes Carlo picked a team of internationals, and they let him down, but i will bet everyone at the club will have told him not to play 2 strollers in CM who could not tackle a good dinner or run a bath. Rant Over
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