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  1. The old racist card if people dont agree with you, your cul de sac does not represent whats going on.
  2. Yes i see all the students from china and India coming here and paying for education, unlike all the eastern EU block who come here and start drug wars and turn London in to the most violent city in Europe, yes i see your point, and i voted remain.
  3. Hi Matt i have added my name also
  4. Boring is great, one of most used sayings, waking up, all your limbs work, going for a walk, doing the same things each week you enjoy with your family, all free, all good. I agree with both your statements on this, selfish people drive me up the wall, they all have rights, and no responsibility, and you would not believe the abuse i get just for being White and retired.
  5. does anyone know when our next game is?
  6. Still being stuck in Spain, and having been here since January, everyone in Spain, both Spanish and English were saying why are people from Madrid being allowed to travel to Liverpool. Dont forget Spain was way ahead of the UK with the outbreak, and why Cheltenham was allowed to go ahead was pure money, not science. I do think the leaders of both scientific and government are equally to blame for not controlling things better. And whoever was in charge of the country the scientific advice would have been the same.
  7. Sorry to hear that Palfy, sadly its we are going to hear for the next 6 months, bad news.
  8. It did say in the news i saw on the bbc that he was not short of any PPE, sometimes there is no one to blame. Very sad though it is. I think all these negative comments about the NHS is an insult to the great service we have.
  9. Could it be that Germany has the buying power for the EU and have kept most of it, they are drip feeding France, Spain ,and Italy. All are short of PPE. The opinion here in Spain is not good towards them, and Italy have been burning the Eu flag in protest,
  10. You actually believe what the chinese say, was it a whistle blower, only way you get the truth from them.
  11. This was put out yesterday by a true blue friend of mine.
  12. This is what they are doing in Spain, old peoples homes abandoned and the army finding dead bodies.
  13. Hi All me and the c/o are currently in Spain till late April, we are on lock down, no bars, no restaurants, no golf, just me and and the c/o confined to barracks. After day one of confinement im not sure 2 of us will will leave, so i may be looking for a safe house on my return, any offers from my fellow Blue Boys?
  14. Nice to here some good news, stay well
  15. Trades description act we never had a man on the pitch
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