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  1. It surprises me no one on tv has mentioned VAR involvement in Bournemouth's relegation, Villa stayed up because they did not allow Sheff utd goal that clearly crossed the line. I know you are relegated over 38 games, but without that howler Villa would be down. Mr Oliver has a lot to answer for.
  2. I have 2 Southampton season ticket holders i work with, both said they never notice him when hes playing, not saying he is bad, but changes nothing.
  3. I was not aware i was quoting you, just another opinion,
  4. If you have to use stats you have lost the argument
  5. Just watched him against Brighton, gave the ball away a lot, never broke into a sweat, would fit in well here.
  6. We have seen the re-emergence of Pogba, with Fernadez along side, i think we will see the same with Gomes when he has quality support. ( excuse my spelling)
  7. That would be my rational also, but he is above the dross we have employed recently. Having said that time will tell, and im sure Carlo will get us back were we want to be, i just thought he would get through to them quicker. not to turn them into world beaters cos they are not. But they are not a hard working unit either. Just another fed up blue at the moment, still unable to understand how people need motivating to play for us.
  8. Well i expected a reaction from a pathetic performance against Spurs, it never came. \when the team is that flat, and listless, and imo disinterested, who do you blame, the players or the management?
  9. So typical of us, a chance to end the season on a high, and we dont turn up, i thought Carlo would have got rid of that couldn't give a fuck attitude, but its still there. He still has a lot to do to turn the inferiority complex around when playing top sides. Nothing pisses me off more than millionaires who carnt be bothered, the joys of being a blue, no wonder i have to take blood pressure tablets. Was Kane not coming back from an offside position for the goal?
  10. I would sooner have Zouma back, you know what you are getting a good (not brilliant) solid defender, thats what we need. someone trying to play out from the back with our team would cost us right now.
  11. We don't want this rotten apple in our barrel
  12. As normal on this site a couple of good games =brilliant, a couple of bad games sell him hes crap, the joys of being a blue. But seriously Pickford does concern me.
  13. Carlo's tactics got us over the line, none of our previous 3 or 4 managers had a plan A,B, or C But to many of our so called top players making mistakes over and over again
  14. Result was the only thing that mattered, style will follow.
  15. Whilst i agree with the above, i am more confused than ever, as we allow cruelty in this country condemned by all our vets, but allow it under the guise of religion.
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