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  1. They should all be done under the trades description act, utter shite.
  2. Getting desperate now man utd 5th choice Roja please no
  3. Dont know much about this lad other than he could not get a regular place in a side in the relegation zone all season, and the manager wants rid of him. Not great vibes of this.
  4. To be fair the lad i think he will bring much experience and a cool head, I was dead against Phil Nev coming from man utd but had to admit he did a great job for 5 years. Hope this lad does the same.
  5. This is our best signing for some time, lets add and build on it
  6. Not for me palace had our eyes out last time.
  7. At last we have replaced Arteta
  8. Greedy bastard fucks about to much before he scores😊
  9. Dont we all get a vote in a few years if we dont like him, or is it brexit thats driving this discussion.
  10. I am the youngest of 7 and the only Blue, i have spent most of my life working away from home so my only child a boy saw a lot of his aunt's and uncles So now hes 34 and i have to look at red shirts on the line, listen to cheers when the shite score, and pretend i dont mind them winning the champions league to keep the wife happy. Only a Blue could show such restraint and dignity. Do you think i should write to the pope for sainthood
  11. We will miss a lot not just on the field, Thanks for everything jags.
  12. Yes i have been out and about a lot i missed them dropping out, good news for us.
  13. Im not sure about Malcolm not seen enough of him to be honest, and spurs are back in for Gomes sadly, i think champions league will win his signature.
  14. I just love the argument if you dont agree with me you are ignorant and mis informed, typical losers speak.
  15. This would be a huge step backwards, could not get in Newcastle team, very poor scoring record, played for a team that got relegated, fat, slow no no no.
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