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  1. Im not sure with recent history and the managers who have failed, are we manageable im not sure we are. Something at the club is stopping us from moving on, i dont know the answer but its more than just bringing in another new face.
  2. All internationals,there strong and not kids and you think its the coaching, interesting.
  3. Coleman for me, always tries to find a blue shirt even if hes under pressure.
  4. On the plus side it was great to see some spirit back in the team. On the negative side we can not keep missing so many very good chances. And yet again individual errors cost, in January we need to look for a CB, CF and i think a new keeper. He was at fault last week, he was responsible for the second goal, and what he was doing at the end i dont know, then he laughs about it, dont understand the lad he seams indifferent to any mistake he makes. He did not seam bothered if we lost by 3 or 4, well the fans do.
  5. Carnt fault the effort coleman great first half, i still fear the worst.
  6. I would really like to see them go flat out for this, best team every round. A trip to wembley and a top 10 finish would do me this season.
  7. So i dont like the manager im going to do stupid things and not try my best, strange view of a professional sportsman. bad decisions by the players is causing our problems, or shall we change the manager again as they did the same for the last 4 managers. Funnily enough the same players made school boy errors under them. So the answer is NO
  8. So the answer is no then
  9. I will say it again how does changing the manager stop schoolboy errors, i may be wrong but i dont think Marco has them practice that.
  10. Pickford 100% at fault for the first goal, and never covered himself in glory for the second, can not find anyone worthy of a vote for yesterday.
  11. If we change the manager would Pickford, Keane etc suddenly stop making school boy errors?
  12. The Silva debate will rage on, but one constant is, that big name players make school boy errors on a regular basis, Pickford, Keane, etc you can not train or legislate for that. Blame tactics or player selection whatever its players who are fucking up on the pitch.. Also we listen to the crap on sky top 6 team great buys etc, we are no more than a mid table side maybe a bit higher maybe a bit lower, not top 6 and not relegation fodder. We kid ourselves we have stole a great kid from Italy from under there noses, or a lad from Turkey who would cost a lot more if people new about him, all bollocks. We got them because we paid over the odds for average players no one else wanted. I have watched the blues over a very long time and it saddens me to see them in this state, what the answer is i dont know, change the manager we have done that a lot the last few years, nothing changed, change the players we have also done that a lot over the last few years so i dont know the answer nor does anyone else it appears. I hope someone can make a difference soon i dont want us becoming the laughing stock of the premier league, but loosing at home to sheff utd, loosing to Bournmouth Without a fight, the only league game we won was very unconvincing Just the ramblings of a sad old Blue.
  13. Keane is a major problem for us, he is and old fashioned CB can only deal with whats in front of him not his fault thats his limitations He has no positional sense, he has no idea where runners are, and he has a blocked nose when it comes to sniffing danger.Why he is in the England squad beggars belief. He has never impressed since he arrived, got away with being average when Zuma was alongside him. Blaming coleman for his shortcomings is a bit harsh. We still have the same problem we have had for the last 3 or 4 years weak defense, and unable to put chances away. We did not resolve either of them problems in the transfer window, in fact we almost made it worse by trying to sign man utd 4th choice CB.
  14. Can anyone tell me or was it more false news, 75% of MPs represent seats that voted to leave?
  15. hard work but they got there, nice to see Gomes back after that impostor against villa, Delph did well, Chalie did well still falls over to easy, but went for Ziggy His passing is superb and worked harder than i have seen before.
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