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  1. good news i am getting a 5 wheel scooter next week. ( took one out today a for a test drive today) lol i am very happy
  2. thanks guys much appreciated
  3. Just a quicjk thank you for what has been said to me recently i appreciate it all i am out of the hospital now and i hope to stay out for a while now and also i want to thank the folks who sent me birthday wishes too thanks to you all i anm so proud to be a toffee COYB
  4. Maybe more accurate to say that unstead I of saying that we believe it to be true,
  5. Yes am armt I? it is Palfy lol lol
  6. rubecula


    cead mille failte wallet81
  7. Evertonians are born not made (Like the Plastic scousers from across the park) We know who we are as we have a sense of history that we all remind ourselves of everytime we need to.
  8. oh and ps I know I have been unwell but I am not dead yet ……..😪
  9. ypu know what pisses m off totally? the fucjing computers we have today …. I am not worried by the amount of technology in them... no not at all, what gets me going is trying to gt going when you get a new computer. especially if you have no choice in the matter. my computer went offline a while ago and it wouldn't com back so I went out and bought0 a new one. I have had it for weeks and it has proven a real scumbag to get to operate properly and then to top it off the thing came without a monitor so I sent off for a new one of them too and when I arrived it had no leads with it so I hunted around for old leads then I thought I had womn it turned out I was only just starting out with the fucker …. to cut a long story short I found out later on that the monitor I had bought was in fact an excellent monitor but it also had a second function.... IT WAS ALSO A CPMPUTER anyway that is the comp. I am currently on and it looks ok so my sister is getting the tower unit for the grandkids to use
  10. why Everton? 1/ I was born there. 2/ my dad and his brothers were everton supporters. 3/ the redshite were bloody nothing to write home about back when I started going to th bames (they still are not LOL) 4/ i am a masochist? lol🥙
  11. Hello guys and gals (yes tis I the amazingly chipper rubes. lol lol Brilliant idea that It makes me proud to be a blue.
  12. I agree but I also wish we had hung on to Jags for the same reason however the biggest loss we made over recent times ( Lukaku as we still have not replaced his goal scoring ability imo ) And I say Imo As it is is purely that, before I upset Haf LOL LOL
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