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  1. rubecula

    Home Kit - 2018/19

    are they flushable?
  2. sadly it is a long time since I saw one at all (alive or dead)
  3. the s*n would be happy to post shit like that if they had a sniff of it, it is fake news and so we can move along folks nothing to see here.
  4. anyway back on topic the new stadium will not be going all American on us for footy matches, take my word on it,
  5. you leave my celtic cousin alone hedgehog is mostly remembered as a Romany food, the crisps were a novelty item, and mushy peas were sent from heaven (I particularly like the minted variety) youngsters these days seem to enjoy cheesy chips?????? go figure. (oh and "cheeky vimto") https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheeky_Vimto
  6. a bag of chips with mushy peas will do for me thank you. next thing you know the people in the upper stands will be getting shot by burger bazookas
  7. Mark, the thought of a grill cooking greasy burgers inside the ground makes me feel very ill 🤮
  8. Ideally but unrealistically I would like a 70,000 seater but more realistically I think a 60,000. As anything less would sadly be underselling our glorious historical club. (IMO)
  9. to be fair if we had the capacity we could possibly have a larger crowd than Liverpool fc we used to in the old days before all seater stadia. we could also have smaller crowds than Tranmere too hmmmm better to have seats and not use them than to need them and not have them is my philosophy.
  10. rubecula


    fantastic that, it made me laugh
  11. rubecula

    RE the stadium thread.

    me too Bill had enough of that lad myself
  12. rubecula

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    if they want Kane (and who doesn't) they will need to break the world record I think
  13. rubecula

    RE the stadium thread.

    save that sideways look at me for the brexit thread