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  1. Who should replace Koeman?

    suspect we will find out who our new manager is after e find out what our new stadium looks like .... about 25 years from now probably.
  2. Were we right to sack Koeman?

    Were we right to sack RK? We will never know, was it right at the time? Yes of course it was.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41931184
  4. Should we sack Rubecula?

  5. Who should replace Koeman?

    last time we had a player/manager it was Howard Kendall, why not bring in Rooney as assistant?
  6. David Moyes thread

    yes sorry about that Romey, I was having a rough day and honestly I still like the lad
  7. David Moyes thread

    not sure why this thread is still open. or cn we talk about out of work and other club's managers in threads too? Moyes is manager of West Ham not Everton and he is ex manager of a few other clubs now too. He will not be back here except in away room. So this thread is pointless now/unless there are wet spam fans around.
  8. David Unsworth

    probably be Unsy for the short term anyway.
  9. can't change avatar

    MJB stabbing him is allowed before January and mandatory after.
  10. Who should replace Koeman?

    jaysus I feel shit, I think I was the first person to suggest Big Sam, but only said it in jest. from now on I may just keep me gob shut. (not really)
  11. Who should replace Koeman?

    in other words nothing to report
  12. Who should replace Koeman?

    big Sam or the return of DM? who would you prefer?