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  1. to be good and fair though john, Welbeck is never going to get better than he can do now, DCL is only going to continue improving all the tie, for now at least..
  2. thank od she is going though?
  3. I agree we are the self styled "peoples" club and anyone who is of the people for the people etc etc will always suffer the tribulations of the media
  4. I am sure you will not finish last mate and I hope you finish second I am certain to finish top you see.
  5. just want to thank Cornish steve for his good work and I hope to be playing along next season too brilliant stuff steve thanks mate
  6. -apparently they are already filming the prequel to the show I wonder what it will be called? when it will be released? and who will be in it?
  7. maybe just a scene from the canteen on site then lol lol
  8. no it was the bacon eating scene the pig was really fucked after that Mike 🤣
  9. would I be spoiling it for you if I said there was a scene of pig fucking?
  10. thanls guys but it sorted itself out while I was away...… no I don't understand it either?
  11. no dice matt thanks though
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