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  1. Brexit...

    yes very true John the last time I voted labour was for John Smith, living in Wales is a bit different to when I lived in Liverpool. I do not think I can vote for any party just now. However if somebody wants my vote they know where I live, all they have to do is knock on my door.
  2. Rumours Without A Link

    Wigan defender called Dan Burn big lad and still young, apparently has done great for Wigan, Not sure myself but it is starting to make sense according to a few lads who I natter with. Anyone know what the lad is like?
  3. Brexit...

    different times mate totally different imho
  4. Brexit...

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-3837299/Putin-s-useful-idiots-Corbyn-s-support-Russia-shames-party-country-writes-DOMINIC-SANDBROOK.html always been a Labour voter until Corbin became leader and no power on earth could make me a Tory, so I pray we get a real olde type Labour leader very soon. I think the last one was Michael Foot
  5. Brexit...

    love it
  6. Thanks for posting up Barry, good post.
  7. Brexit...

    I think John is referring to the Jeremy Corbin lot Matt, the labour leader wants to appease Putin over the release of nerve gas in Salisbury you see.
  8. Manchester City (Home) Saturday March 31st

    have faith lads we have a half decent record against these guys.
  9. Brexit...

    thanks Mike, I think I will never really understand it, no matter how often it is hit into me. lol
  10. Brexit...

    the option to remain is already gone, in truth, we could avoid any further misunderstanding by talking more about benefits to both us and Europe. For us we will be able to avoid being forced into a united states of Europe (I think, personally, this is a good thing anyway) Europe will benefit from getting rid of an argumentative member. I like the idea of the common market, but only when all members can be individuals, so that allows free movement between member states. My only argument has always been nameless people deciding for us who is the leader. I have never found out which political party Junker represents, and without accountability in this way I really can not agree with the folks on here. besides who voted him in and how can he be voted out if he cocks it up?
  11. Hello from the Fans' Forum

    nice to meet you folks
  12. Brexit...

    too late? too late for what? we will still be here and we are not going anywhere. the world is not about to end in a massive fireball
  13. Bond 26

    why not a woman? M was changed from Bernard Lee to Judy Dench. Even Dr. Who has had a gender crisis. What price Jane Bond?
  14. sorry Gary, I do not think there are any.