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  1. WTF???? I Stoll have not got a clue quite what happened
  2. Christ on a bike pete0 I am diabetic in uk and I use expensive drugs buti di not pay a penny as I have my national insurance abd the nhs
  3. kinell that had me crying with laughter,
  4. fully agree mike they need a bloody good clearout imo
  5. or willful damage to a boot with his groin?
  6. nobody has asked what kind of egg was used or whether or not it was fresh. if itas a dinosaur egg for example it would be fossilsed and therefore would hurt a bit, if it was an ostrich egg it would need to be fresh or it may sprout legs 00nd run away
  7. no idea who will turn up to play aganst Newcastle so as I am the eternal pessimist these days I suspect ir will be Newcastle 2 - 0 Everton no scorer
  8. I am happy to see that we all watched the same game but we had so much choice in man of the match it helps to see we tried.
  9. Klippety seems ti be a comic genius at times I know just how much you guys hate him but I actually like him.
  10. -https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/evertons-ticket-partner-responds-fury-15910606--------
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