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Fa Cup Draw..liverpool Away!


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I've had Liverpool in the FA Cup on FIFA a few times and beaten them, lets hope that it goes the same in the real world. If they don't play thier best players we have a more than enough chance of progressing into the next round. I just hope that we can handle the Anfield nerves.




I hope he stays true to his word :P

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Luckypool away!.......Can't see the problem!


To win the cup we would have encounted a couple of the so called rich big boys somewhere along the line.So lets get one out of the way earlly.


Who pulls all of their strings?.....Who makes the chances for Torres?.......Who might have a lot on his mind around about that time :)


We just need a tad of luck.....and a ref who hasn't got a signed Gerrard shirt :huh:

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Guest efctaxi

Unbeflippinlievable :angry:


Wanted to beat the buggers in the final :P What are we going to have to look forward to now after knocking them out ?

Everton V Forest final :)

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Guest efctaxi
Tricky draw. Ces't La Vie. Being a realist I can't see a victory in either of the two games against them, but question for everyone here, what would you prefer, a victory in the league or a victory in the cup?


CUP hands down :)

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(+)We go through and get closer to the final

(+)We keep our hopes of silverware alive

(+)We are the team that knock the shite out of the cup

(+)We have the confidence from beating a Top 4 team and dominate against others.




(+)We stop the shite from pulling away at the top of the Premeirship

(+)We knock them off thier good run and hopefully put them on a bad one

(+)Allow the other 'Top 3' capitalise on this

(+)We improve our league position

(+)We can say that we won a derby this season - at Anfield

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