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Ground Share

Sleeping with the enemy  

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  1. 1. With recent discussion about Everton & Liverpool ground sharing which of the following would you agree with more?

    • Absolutely NOT
    • Prefer not to move but willing to listen to arguments for & against
    • Undecided / Not interested
    • Prefer to share it is the only viable realistic option

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why should we bail them out? our identity is everything we stand for.asnd trust me they would shaft us big time.we would end up the poor relations offer them a groundshare at kirkby we could charge them a massive rent and then fuck them off and leave them homeless

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Only ground share I want to see is twice a year when we do them for six points.


Other than that sod them.


(I still do not think that they are legally entitled to build on Stanley Park either as the park was gifted to the people of Liverpool not to the tossers of Liverpool FC.)


No objection to them buying Bellefield though. ;)

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I'd prefer not too as I think that its good to have your own identity to a ground, plus we would not fill a stadium the same size as a Liverpool could.



Everton spent most of the 90's in the wilderness, except for an FA cup, and haven't won anything since but still get about 36,000 fans on average.

If liverpool have five more years without winning anything, drop out of the top four a couple of times, keep having problems with finance and foreign owners and gerrard retires, then watch their average attendance drop below 40,000.If during that same 5 years Everton keep doing things the right way and pick up the odd trophy, then we wont be far of the 40,000 mark.


Ground share only if it really benifits Everton!

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Guest efctaxi

I would rather move to a new stadium , and it remains 100% Evertons , but would be willing to look into a shared stadium if it was to bring the City together again .

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Would want a new stadium that was ours. To share a ground would mean us forgetting the rivalry in a way, I don't think that the groundshare would be the best for the teams heritage. I'd much rather have a stadium all blue than half red (and I'm sure Liverpool fans feel just the same) Arguments I am willing to listen to, because we should do what is best for Everton as a club. So I voted undecided, because I don't want a groundshare but I'd happily allow it if we'd benefit.


Ground share only if it really benifits Everton!
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the seats would be white an on match days they use special lights to make the stadium what ever colour was needed. thats what they do in Germany with 2 of the teams.


Havn't voted yet, but will more then likely go for it if kirby falls through.

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Don't see the problem to be honest, AC and Inter do it.




Just makes the Derbies that much more heated, especially if both clubs come to a 50/50 crowd allocation agreement, that would be amazing.



EDIT: Kopettes are good in bed, btw ;)

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