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Anybody Know Anything?


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It was a market trader, who supports Everton who trade marked the name, Everton never did. However Everton were already discuessing changing it from The peoples club to Nil Satis Nisi Optimum as thats what fans prefer. Personally i dont think they wanted to pay the market trader anything.

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it came up at a shareholders meeting that the term peoples club was offputting for possible investers ie linked to communism...thats what i heard.


I never heard that! Sounds a bit far fetched?


I don't know anything about the "the people's club" trademark, I've just had a look at the IPO office website and it was registered in February 08. Presumably it was to sell items at the market stall with the people's club on but preventing other traders doing so, and judging by the quote above, he was allowing Everton to use it.

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