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Andy Gray.

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he's been there 19 years, it's hardly going to be the 1st time he's said something inappropriate. It is, however, the 1st time someones leaked it to the press.


In other, totally unrelated, news Gray is taking the NOTW to court over phone tapping, part of a larger investigation which has seen a "former" Murdoch employee removed from a very influencial position in the UK government.


it's a good thing I believe in coincidences...




anyway, glad to see the back of Gray, maybe he could finally put his expert knowledge to good use and show the rest of english football where they've been going wrong over the years. 4-4-2, 2 on the posts at corners, always leave a striker up front when you're defending a set piece, and NEVER, EVER employ zonal marking. didn't everton offer him the hotseat once? fingers crossed eh?

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For me he is by far the best football commentator around and its a shame to see him go. I dont know what 'other' comments he has made but the ones I heard about the Liverpool match were next to nothing and it was imo Keys who was being much more derogatory.


Plus from what I saw of that game she did make one of the worst offside calls Iv seen when Torres was a good 5yards + onside. If he had scored then (instead of GK save) would there be as much of a fuss? Yeh actually there probably would but at least they would have a point!

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It was a car crash.




• "There are two sides to every argument. We are losing at the moment but we do live in a democracy, there are two sides to this. Please. We've aired one a lot, let's hear the other one a bit."


• "I will get criticism whatever I do going forward. I am not whining. I am not here to defend myself. I am not here apologising or feeling sorry for myself. I am here to make a statement, which I have so far been unable to do, to say sorry, not just to the individuals who have been immediately offended but to the wider viewing public ..."


• "There will be people who will say I should have come and apologised on Monday. I couldn't come Monday, I couldn't come Tuesday, there was too much else happening." [Eh, what about Sunday? - Fiver Ed.]


• "There's a firestorm raging out there and it's been very difficult to step into the middle of it and get across the way I'm feeling and correct some of the misinformation that's been put about ..."


• "I would like to reiterate what I said to Sian Massey on Sunday afternoon ... I rang on behalf of Andy and myself and made an official apology, which Sian accepted. She and I enjoyed some banter together. We left on very good terms."


• "It was ironic. I know when you listen to these things in the manner in which they've been presented they sound very different but of course it was all part of a wider conversation that everyone there on the day was having."


• "I noticed Rio Ferdinand twittered ... Rio, are you telling me it doesn't take place in the Manchester United dressing room because my information is that it does?" The clips that you've seen are fairly selective. They've targeted two individuals. It might be that that's not necessarily representative of our studio, which is our dressing room ..."


• "One of the reasons that we were probably in overdrive on Saturday is that we had a fresh guest with us Matt Murray, who used to play in goal for Wolves we wanted to make him feel relaxed and comfortable. That was part of that process."


• "Sky Sports is not inherently sexist ... we're a little bit like Wimbledon: we've had to upset a few people on the way to get noticed. All those colourful jackets I used to wear ... but there's many people drinking from the well that we dug ... success breeds envy."


•"There's some dark forces at work here ... There's a row raging at the moment about the invasion of privacy phone tapping ... what's the difference between what happened to us and what's happened, allegedly, to many others?"


• "I tried to ring Karren [brady] twice on Sunday night. She didn't answer the phone. There is no answer phone on Karren's mobile. That may be a sign of the times at West Ham. So I texted her and asked her to ring me back... she chose not to respond to my text. A by-product of all this is that it's taken West Ham out of the press and she knows, and so does everybody else, what a mess they made of trying to appoint Martin O'Neill. She was getting it in the neck, she claims that's because she is a woman. She played that card, rightly or wrongly."


• "There's a lot of very good female presenters out there who I've played a major part in them getting a break in this country and they know it. Gabby [Logan], Kelly Cates, whose dad called me right at the start of her career and said 'can you help?' .... Just to prove that I don't just help those of one particular gender: Alan Hansen, Alan Shearer ... we know full well that whatever I say today is likely to be misunderstood, misrepresented and turned around to suit the purposes of whichever organisation it is that is reporting this ..."


• "[What I said was] shocking, horrible, out of order, wrong, old-fashioned, behavioural problems that need to be attended to ... reconstruction, yeah. Again, it's a fairly selective moment from the studio that night, read into that what you will. But it shouldn't have happened. I have re-evaluated my attitude. I wouldn't be here now if I hadn't. It's not enough for me to sit here saying 'I'm a changed man'. There's a process to undergo, I am happy to take it."


• "I hope this makes it easier for others to follow Sian. I hope this starts the process of recovery and everybody know can just step back and understand that these boorish and bullish guys understand the magnitude of what happened.


• "Oh look at that screen: I've worked for Sky for 20 years and they've spelt my name wrong!"



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I think some player's will feel like like twats when they gang up on a female referee and get in her face about a decision that doesn't go their way. That'll be a good thing.



I didn't know whether to delete this post due to your foul language. After careful consideration I thought I'd let you off because it's your first offence.


This is your one and only warning though.



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This one says a lot for me...


"One of the reasons that we were probably in overdrive on Saturday is that we had a fresh guest with us Matt Murray, who used to play in goal for Wolves we wanted to make him feel relaxed and comfortable. That was part of that process."


...it's the assumption that acting like tits will make the new boy "relaxed and comfortable," which in turn suggests that he thinks the behaviour is OK (despite the apologies) and that everyone behaves that way in those circumstances.


Hate people like that, who assume that because they think their views are populist everyone agrees with them.

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