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The Little Things That You Love About Your Favourite Player?

Ian C

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I thought that somebody should try and lift the gloom around here a little...



So, what are the little things, on or off the pitch, that make you love one Everton player more than all the rest?


I love how Seamus Coleman rips into Neville whenever he makes a mistake. I love how he isn't fazed by any big names whatsoever. I love how he runs and runs. I love how he ran half the pitch to push John Terry. I love how he's a sound lad that isn't adverse to the odd dive. I love how he still hasn't figured out how to celebrate after he scores.



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With Jags it's his rough and ready approach. He may not be the best all round defender but if he puts a tackle in he doesn't care if he has to take the man full force to get to the ball, but he's sure as shit gonna get the ball.


With Heitinga and Fellaini it's their little bit of arrogance that makes me love them. They know they're quality and it shows on the pitch and it makes me proud that Everton have players who have that bit of extra quality.


Cahill it's due to hisn ever say die attitude and his ability to single handedly drag us out of the shit sometimes even though he's not that great a player. Plus, fans of every other club hate him so that makes me love him a bit more :P.

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Theres lot of qualities on our squad, Cahills attitude and amazing timing on the box, Bainseys workrate and running all over, with ball or without it. Seamus is also been very entertaining to watch, huge workrate and never scared of trying to challenge opponents. But i still have only 1 big love in EFC history and thats definitely Big Dunc. He was crazy and never knew what will happen when hes on pitch, but besided that, he also knew how to put ball in the net(loved to watch that dvd of hes all goals :) ) Ok, i loved Mr.Mustache aswell, for the younger ones, yes i mean Neville Southall, man with 2 FA Cup wins in our shirt

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Was going to put this in the thread that had that ridiculous email about TC (and others) being off in the summer, but then remembered it was in the shout-box :unsure: .


Anyway..TC..I need say no more...


"....all being well I will be available on Saturday. But even if I'm not, its about the team and what the team can give together. The best thing about this football club is our togetherness - we are not a group of individuals. We are a team.


"It is a fantastic club with great players and the thing here is that every player gets a chance. Our success has always been because of the team and never just one player."


Is that him saying goodbye to Pienaar or what?

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Baines workrate

Cahills heart

Colemans lack of fear

Fellis attitude


All of that plus many other things that have been said.


But, since its about my favourite player, Ive got to say its because he reminds me of me and I relate to him the most, on the field at least. Osman will play anywhere and give his all every game all the time. He is best in the centre, attacking mostly but will track back too. Great 2 feet, only really scores fantastic goals whilst missing sitters and has amazing balance most of the time.



Ossie is just so undervalued its untrue but he never lets it get to him. Crackin player!

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